How to make emails sound less passive-aggressive

how to make emails sound less passive aggressive

how to make emails sound less passive aggressive

GlobalGlobal – Office work is associated with many nuances. One of these is work correspondence or just email. People often don’t respond on time, don’t open emails, and there are many other problems associated with emails.

If you received an email containing the phrases “just a friendly reminder”, “according to our conversation” and “please advise”, you would think: “Of course, this is a good professional email” or perhaps you are left feeling a little annoyed.

Then we are happy to inform you that, according to a new study from the United States, these phrases are among the ten most passive-aggressive sentences that are most often used in emails in the workplace.

So what should we say and what should we not say?

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People tend to hide behind emails. So, if they want to resolve a conflict, instead of talking to the person’s face to face, they will send an email and possibly write an email that is not necessarily appropriate.

Some of these phrases, such as “make sure”, and “according to our conversation”, act passive-aggressively, it’s like saying “we’ve had this conversation before”.

Therefore, the recipient may understand this letter in a different way. Choose the right phrases and words with which you want to convey your thought.

Often, for one person “respectfully” would be fine. But there are also those whom they can offend. Communication is especially complicated when a company or person is from another country. The phrase and culture of communication can be different and what is normal for us, for others will be offensive or touchy. Therefore, try to take into account the people with whom you correspond. People email “best wishes”, “best wishes”, and “good luck”. We have to think about the audience we are sending the email to.

Do not forget that the recipient of your email is also a person, do not take personal (especially resentment) into what you write, and do not forget about the work ethic.

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