5 most common cybercrimes that are impacting the world

5 most common cybercrimes that are impacting the world

5 most common cybercrimes that are impacting the world

The internet is filled with scammers and thieves. Cybercrime is also increasing rapidly. Criminals use the internet to steal your data or bully you. What are some of the most common internet crimes?

The 5 most common cybercrimes

Here are 5 common internet crimes that are affecting the lives of the people –


Phishing is an attempt to collect sensitive and personal information of internet users. Cybercriminals send fraudulent emails to people pretending to be from legitimate businesses.

Over 70 per cent of all cybercrimes begin with phishing.

They obtain private information through phishing. If you click on such links, you will be redirected to a website owned by the scammer.


Some people use social media websites to stalk and harass people. They use the internet to harass, threaten, embarrass, or target another person. Many people also get depressed due to online harassment.

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Ransomware is a type of malware that can steal personal data. Cybercriminals can install malicious software on your system to steal your private information. A ransom attack can shut down your computer or encrypt your files. Attackers demand payment from the victim to release the decryption key to free the system.

Credit card fraud

Attackers steal your credit card data with the help of spyware. Malicious software unknowingly installed on a victim’s computer can lead to credit card fraud. Attackers can use the credit card in your name by stealing your data.

Account hacking

Hackers also hack your social media accounts to obtain your personal information or bully you. They can also hack the password of your social media accounts through malicious spyware. Logging into someone’s account without authorization is a crime. Attackers can also go to jail if they are found guilty of committing this crime.

These are the 5 most common cybercrimes. Let us know your thoughts about the rising number of cybercrimes.

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