Work Life Balance: why is it so important to maintain it


This balance is crucial for maintaining physical health as well as mental well-being

Ever since the pandemic began, employees across the world have been working from home and trying to strike a balance between the professional and personal lives. This balance is crucial for maintaining physical health as well as mental well-being. This pandemic has made the boundary between the two lives blurred making it difficult to maintain a balance. But why is maintaining this balance so important?

To maintain mental well-being

Mental health is unfortunately the most neglected part of well-being. But in present circumstances this has to be pertinently the most important aspect to be kept at priority. Lack of work life balance can lead to stress related illness like depression. One of the most important reason of stress during lack of balance is “burnout”. Work overload with practically non-existent work life balance is the prime reason. This is the reason why work life balance is essential for all professionals.

Increase productivity

A balance between professional and personal lives is essential to increase productivity. This is possible by avoiding energy drain through lack of personal time. Studies show that professionals who are able to maintain a work life balance render better productivity. And this is because a positive mindset is achieved by a balanced life.

Helps in becoming a multi-skilled individual

If one’s life is revolving just around work and not taking time out for life and activities outside that limit, the person is practically missing out on so much. This includes giving time to interests and hobbies and also scope of developing different skills. But if a balance is achieved between professional and personal lives, the possibility of becoming a multi-skilled individual become higher which is always good for overall growth of an individual. And it always gives an additional weightage to resume.

Work life balance gives meaning to one’s life. We only have one life and living it to the fullest is the best way. So, how can we maintain this balance?

  • Take personal time off.
  • Take breaks in between work hours.
  • Make a point to exercise or go for short walks.
  • Spend time with friends and family.
  • Watch the clock – respect the work ending hours and spend time after that for your personal life only.
  • Follow your passions.

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