US consulate resumes full immigrant visa service, after 5-years ‘Sonic Attack’ hiatus

us consulate resumes full immigrant visa service, after 5 years 'sonic attack' hiatus,

us consulate resumes full immigrant visa service, after 5 years ‘sonic attack’ hiatus,

NewYork-The US consulate in Havana started full immigrant visa services for the people of Cuba on Wednesday. This was closed for the last 5 years because of mysterious “sonic attacks” on diplomatic staff.

This site reopened after a record exodus from the island of communists to the United State of America. Cuba is in very bad economic condition for the last 30 years.

The embassy of the US said in a statement on Wednesday that they are working for the surety of safety, and orderly or legal stay, of people from Cuba. They are working on the  Cuban Family Reunification Parole Program to restart the functionality of the operation in Havana.

Now the immigrant visa processing will be fully open for the people but the tourist visa will be remained suspended for now.

The administration of Donald Trump stopped the consultancy after diplomatic staff and families, and after that, they all came to the effect of Havana syndrome. After this many other missions of the USA which are in different countries said that they also faced the attacks. But it is still a mystery!

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This all leads to difficulties for the Cuba people

After no consulate in Cuba, people faced difficulties to travel in the United States Of America. There were many barriers born by the administration after that. All Cubans had to travel to Guyana, a third country. To submit a visa request in northern South America.

Now when there is a new administration in America after 2021, the Biden government. and this wanted to find a solution to the clashes of migrants here. And after many efforts diplomacy, and consultation started with a limited visa policy with Cuba.

Michael Shifter an analyst at Georgetown University in Washington told that it is a good signal for both countries.

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