Top 5 most amazing offices to work in

top 5 most amazing offices to work in

top 5 most amazing offices to work in

GlobalGlobal – Now a lot of companies offer their employees various benefits – from remote work to various bonuses. But there is one detail that may not seem very important at first glance but becomes decisive when choosing a job. And this is an office in which a person will have to work.

Have you ever wondered how important is the place where you spend a lot of time? So there are companies that have thought about this and offered incredible offices to their workers.

Here are the 5 most incredible offices in our opinion:

1. Google

For those who spend their time in the gray cubicle of an ordinary office, Google offices may seem downright mythical. Their buildings are more like playgrounds for adults, where you can freely roam and set up your workplace almost anywhere. With your own movie theaters, video game zone eateries, and gyms, there really is no reason to quit your job.

One of the important features of their offices is the balance with nature. There are many plants, trees, and other greenery that help bring the outdoors to the inside. In addition, the walls are covered in boulders and natural materials such as mulch flooring are included throughout. Of course, there is a whim and a lot of soft, purposeful lighting, especially in work areas. You won’t find any harsh fluorescent lighting that can make everyone look and feel a bit prejudiced.

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2. Dropbox

In an effort to continue to innovate, many technology companies are leading the way when it comes to creating a work environment that emphasizes the happiness and well-being of their employees. In Dropbox offices, you can see a certain amount of humor in their design choices. They also made a conscious effort to incorporate natural and industrial elements for an office that feels warm, relaxing, and professional.

3. Lego

Lego is committed to making the best games and this is reflected in every aspect of their work environment. Their headquarters looks like it was built by a little kid playing office. There are plenty of places to play video games, hang out with co-workers and have fun, which will help keep making great toys for kids of all ages.

4. Parliament

While Parliament may not be a household name, this Portland, Oregon-based ad agency is helping shape some popular brands. What makes their office so unique is not only the layout of their offices, but also the use of recycled materials. The same creativity that helps them build brands can be seen in the way their office was designed and built.

5. White Mountain Office

If you’ve ever dreamed of living as Batman or a Bond villain, then you need to update your resume and send it to the White Mountain office in Stockholm, Sweden. When it comes to office space, nothing beats this underground lair. The office is actually an old 4,000 square foot nuclear shelter that has been renovated. It is located 100 feet underground and looks like a space station. In fact, the floor of the conference room is a copy of the surface of the moon.

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