Tips to reduce exhaustion from working remotely

Tips to reduce exhaustion

Tips to reduce exhaustion

Last updated on February 6th, 2021 at 08:49 am

Tips to reduce exhaustion: Professionals across the world have now adapted work from home model and in many cases a hybrid model. Though now in sync more or less, remote workplaces can leave anyone tired and exhausted, which in most instances can be blamed on a shaken work life balance. Work from home has now evolved into ‘work from anywhere’, thanks to relaxed working model and pandemic that has changed the working dynamics.

The remote working idea, though might sound fascinating from distance, can soon take a toll mentally as well as physically. Is this exhaustion avoidable? Yes, very much! Few simple tricks and tweaks in way we work through the day from our home or practically anywhere can help tackling and reducing this exhaustion. 

Make few meetings ‘audio only’ and escape from that ‘Zoom fatigue’

One thing that has magnified exponentially during pandemic led working from home is ‘Zoom boom’. But this can potentially cause lot of stress and screen fatigue due to constant need of engaging with other meeting attendees through ‘non-verbal communication’. The solution to this is making all or at least a few calls ‘audio only’. Not only will it help in keeping you stress free but also lead to increased productivity. 

Schedule meetings only when required 

Avoid scheduling meetings for everything. If something can be conveyed through email or just a simple SLACK message, then that should be done. If meetings are to be held then limiting the duration of meeting will help in reducing exhaustion. 

Get up and move around 

Constantly sitting in front of the computer and at work desk to break that exhaustion cycle. Walking around will not only burn those calories but also help ease out that stress. 

Take a break once in a while 

Though working from home can offer a relaxed timeline, it can also eventually lead to long working hours. Taking a break and time off once in a while will offer perfect opportunity to ease out the exhaustion. 

Working from home and working remotely are likely going to remain in practice for time to come. In that scenario it is important to create harmony between working and peaceful existence. 

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