Strike and Delays at Tijuana Airport, Must-Know Reasons!

‘unofficial strike’ by employees contributed to cancelations

‘unofficial strike’ by employees contributed to cancelations

Fog late Friday night affected some 34,000 passengers at Tijuana’s airport with flight cancellations and delays during the Christmas holiday.

Director of communications for Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacifico, Miguel Cravioto said that low temperature also increases the problems of delay. On 26th Dec, the Monday we canceled 94 departures and 90 arrivals because of bad weather.

But the ground of Mexico and the Pilot unions are presenting a very different picture.

The union’s communications director Captain Jose Alonso says that weather is a factor in delaying flights in Tijuana, but the major problem is the resignation of workers. The need for cleaners, workers for loading and unloading luggage, and mechanics too. They refused to work.

Alonso also said that they denied working because they were not happy with the contract and wages or overtime paying amount. He said about the two big airlines VivaAerobus and Volaris. These are the largest airline serving Tijuana and Mexico. 

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What does the airport authority say?

But VivaAerobus did not say anything about the lack of staff, only commented and cited bad weather as an excuse for delaying flights.

Similarly, Eduardo Gonzalez, manager of the Tijuana airport, said he was not aware of any dispute or suspension of operations among the airlines. He flatly refused, saying that he knew nothing.

Eduardo Gonzalez said of the comments made by the pilots’ union and others!

When the media asked Mr. Gonzalez about the comments made by the pilot union regarding the staff shortage. He replied that each airline is independent and they all have their staff. We are only responsible for functional and operational work. We ensure the airport is clean and not just about the running status of flights.

After raising several complaints, the Procuraduria Federal del Consumidor, PROFECO started an investigation into the reasons and problems behind it. It is a federal agency in Mexico to protect the rights of consumers.

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