5 big tech companies hiring in Europe in 2023: Check this out

5 big tech companies hiring in

5 big tech companies hiring in

Last updated on August 26th, 2023 at 11:42 am

Though tech companies are facing bad times in recent times and day by day we see layoffs, shutdowns, and failure of startups, all the news is full of pictures of doom. Many big bulls like Twitter and Meta have also laid off their employees. But Eurostat says the employment rate for people aged 20-64 in the EU stood at 74.8% in the second quarter of this year and is up 0.3% from the first quarter of 2023. Going to UK and Europe, we are seeing the green signal in the coming days.

Green Signals for European Hiring markets

Although biggies and many others are laying off their employees, at the same time many companies are ready to hire and grow their workforce. They are allowing talents.

So upcoming January is going to be a busy month for the hiring team and the recruiter team.

Why will January be a busy month?

There are many reasons for this. New recruitment budgets come with the new year, New Year’s resolutions lead to career changes, job hunting picks up and long contracts also end this month. The present time of the year is altogether challenging but the smell of opportunity is already there as 2023 lands.

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Here’s to the huge opportunities that 2023 brings with it. check it out


Paypal provides a global working community. It makes commerce and financial services more straightforward, affordable, and secure. This platform already provides services in 200 countries and regions by supporting 25 currencies. It has around 30,900 employees worldwide. There are many jobs available in the company globally, you can check this.


It is the most popular streaming entertainment service provider platform. In around 190 countries it has over 222 million paid followers. Netflix values working with talented, creative, and productive people. It always works for the motto to take people together as a dream team. This company has several opportunities and remote opportunities too. You must visit and check their website.

3. Zalando

It is an eCommerce company that brings fashion retailers to an online platform. It adds all the big brands in the fashion industry through different channels. In the past sometimes, Zalando said more than 3,000 tech experts globally. And it has more than 17,000 employees worldwide. It always takes risks and provides an opportunity for cultural growth.

You can check the opportunities on their website.

4. Mastercard

It is the safest credit provider that works globally. Mastercard connects and powers an inclusive, digital economy to make safe, simple, smart, and accessible transactions. It works with over 210 countries. It is hiring for many positions in 2023, you must visit its website for more information.

5. IBM

IBM is the oldest and biggest giant in the world of computers. It discovers the computer and its parts like hardware and software. It also invented the floppy disk, a hard disk drive, and the UPC barcode. It works in over 171 countries and its more than 2,80,000 workers. If you’re looking to join one of tech’s most respected firms, IBM is hiring for roles in Germany and Ireland. You can check all the jobs on their websites.

So, in the current environment, these opportunities are like a new year’s gift for people who are willing to work with these tech companies. 

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