New set of travel restrictions for Americans imposed in Italy

New set of travel restrictions imposed in Italy

New set of travel restrictions imposed in Italy

Whoever was looking to book a trip or plan a vacation to Italy might have to reconsider their plans as things just got complicated from the end of the European country. On Tuesday, the much loved tourist nation announced that it will be imposing fresh restrictions in the wake of increasing threat due to Covid-19.

The restrictions are harder for the citizens of the United States. Italy noted that there was a rise in the number of coronavirus cases in the US which essentially led the administration of the European country to take this step.

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Italy further took tough calls on the travelers arriving from Canada, Israel, and Japan. The decision has come a day after the country announced removal of the United States from its list of safe nations for travel purposes. Things became serious when the authorities started to see people not vaccinated with the Covid-19 vaccines seeking to travel to Italy.

Many people in the US are resisting vaccination efforts by the US administration and hence things are significantly changing in the country. Hence there are new requirements for the travelers from the US but the difference is this time, Italian authorities are making the changes regardless of the vaccination status.

Things will continue to be in this manner till October 25 and as per the situation, the authorities stressed, any further decision will be made.

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