Iranian woman protester jailed for 10 years

iranian woman protester sentenced to 10 years in prison

iranian woman protester sentenced to 10 years in prison

After they beat  Mahsa Peravi who is 25 years old on 16th September, the in Iran started. Recently an Irish woman was sent behind the bars for ten years with claims that she is encouraging prostitution by removing a scarf from his head.

Going back to the days when 25-year-old Mahsa Peravi of Tehran was taken into charge by the Revolutionary Court on December 25. The court found her hands in encouraging prostitution and corruption and the court found her involved in assemblies as well.

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Why were Irish women jailed?

Miss Perawi was trapped and prisoned by armed forces on passed 17th of October because she waved her scarf on her head near the capital city of Iran Boulevard.

When Mahsa Amini died in Iran unexpectedly then a large protest starts In Iran. 

But during the protest many women faced problems. Ms. Peravi paid IRR 2.5 billion after the court judgment. On October 16 Irish woman Mahsa Amini was beaten by the police. The reason was that wearing way of hijab was unjust.

In protest, women burn their scarf, and the protest increased in the area of Syria after the death of Mahsa Amini. The middle east came under this flame.

Following some independent estimates, around 469 protesters have been killed, we can say that the major ones were women, while 39 have been given capital punishment or may be hanged.

The condition of the state is becoming worse and it is a very clear challenge to human rights and the equality of women. Women are facing a large terror yet protesting against the law for equality and justice. They want freedom from Burkah and Hizabs!

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