Twitter User’s Leave Request To Binge-Watch Series Goes Viral; Stirs Work-Life Balance Discussions

twitter user's leave request to binge watch series goes viral; stirs work life balance discussions

twitter user’s leave request to binge watch series goes viral; stirs work life balance discussions

In today’s world full of competition many people face an issue of work-life balance. Their life is running from the office to home, but its impacts physical and mental health. But when we feel that we are not finding the line between work and rest, we all need a break or rest. Many workplaces demand any severe or major purposes for taking leave.

More recently, employers have begun to understand the mental health of their employees and offer them paid leave for it. With increasing work pressure and challenges, it is necessary to set boundaries. 

Recently a tweeter user takes leave in a very interesting style. And after that discussion over mental health started. 

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A journalist at fact-checking AltNews named Abhishek Kumar recently came into the headlines.  People appreciate him for his innovative idea, ‘Normalise Leave’.  His tweet much-needed-work-life-balance generates a warm debate on the internet. 

He asked his employer to give him leave to complete watching his favorite web series. He explained this in a very professional manner and said that he could not watch this on other nights because it will create problems in his sleeping schedule. So, he asked for leave to sit at home and watch a Pitchers-Season 2. He just encourages people by posting a screenshot of his leave application on his tweeter that asking for time for themself can be a reason!

Though some users find it hilarious, many others appreciate him for this act. Taking care of your mental health is important these days. So, we also appreciate Abhishek.

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