Iran Hangs 17-Year-Old, 685th Execution This Year

iran hangs 17 year old, 685th execution this year

iran hangs 17 year old, 685th execution this year

In a huge blow to human rights, the authorities in the Islamic Republic of Iran hanged a 17-year-old boy, identified as Hamidreza Azari, in the eastern town of Sabzevar in Razavi Khorasan province.

According to the Norway-based Hengaw and Iran Human Rights (IHR) groups, the 17-year-old boy was tried and convicted of murder on November 24. 

According to the Iranian authorities, the boy was guilty of killing a man in a brawl which took place in May this year. He was executed in a prison located in Sabzevar, Razavi Khorasan province. 

Hamidreza Azari was the only child in his family. He had been working in Iran as a scrap worker. Norway-based Hengaw and Iran Human Rights (IHR) groups said that Iran violated the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child by executing the boy.

Iran slammed for hanging 17 year old boy

Iran’s decision to hang a 17 year old boy drew widespread condemnation from human rights groups. According to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, executing a child is a violation of human rights.

The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child defines any person under the age of 18 as a child. Iran has executed at least 68 minors since 2010. 

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IHR said, “Iran is one of the few countries that sentences child convicts to deaths and executes more juveniles than all other countries.”

IHR director Moghaddam said, “In Iran, if someone wants to get a driver’s license, they must be 18 years old but 15 years old is enough to be executed.”

Wave of executions in Iran

Iranian officials continue to carry out public executions, torture, and impose death sentences for offenses that don’t qualify as the “most serious” crimes. The Iranian death penalty drew widespread criticism from all over the world. 

Iran mainly gives out death sentences to people for drug offenses. Death sentences for drug offenses, earthly corruption, maharajah (waging war against God), and other non-lethal offenses are against international human rights law.

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