How To Get A Job At Apple? Here’s What Tim Cook Has To Say?

how to get a job at apple here’s what tim cook has to say

how to get a job at apple here’s what tim cook has to say

Apple, an American multinational technology company, is a dream company for many employees. Every year, thousands of employees try to get a job at Apple. However, not many people can crack interviews at Apple. 

Recently, Apple CEO Tim Cook was asked about what was needed to get hired at the company. His response can be helpful for job seekers. His listed characteristics like the ability to work in a team, creativity, and curiosity. 

Tim Cook on Apple hiring

Tim Cook was speaking at a podcast interview hosted by Dua Lipa, an English and Albanian singer and songwriter. During the interview, he said that “one plus one equals three.” Elaborating on his statement, he said that the feeling of working with colleagues who bring out the best in you is “incredible and fundamentally, we all believe that one plus one equals three.” 

Tim Cook further said, “Your idea plus my idea is better than the individual ideas on their own.” 

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Characteristics needed to get a job at Apple


Collaboration is an important skill, according to Tim Cook. The Apple CEO said, “Can they really collaborate? Do they deeply believe that 1 plus 1 equals three?” 


One of the characteristics that Apple looks for in people is curiosity. Apple wants curious employees who are not afraid of asking questions and taking risks. 


The Apple CEO said that teamwork is essential for the company. Every employee must work in a team to deliver fruitful results.

How to get a job at Apple?

Apple makes hirings from ‘all walks of life,’ according to Tim Cook.  He said that Apple can hire people with a college degree or without. He said that the most important thing is skill. 

When asked if coding skills are required to get a job at Apple, he revealed that Apple also hires people who lack coding expertise or don’t regularly utilize coding in their daily work.

If you want to get a job at Apple, boost your skills and apply at the career page of Apple company. 

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