Apple Employees Get Special Gift From Tim Cook For Working 10 Years

apple employees get special gift from tim cook for working 10 years

apple employees get special gift from tim cook for working 10 years

Apple Inc., an American multinational technology company, is a “dream company” for many employees. The company offers competitive pay packages, flexible work environment, good in-office food, equity benefits, overtime pay, and a 40-hour work week to its employees. Apple Inc. values its employees and their hard work. 

Now, Apple has given special gifts to employees. Do you know that Apple rewards its employees with a solid metal memento after they have completed ten years of service at the company? Apple’s special gift is only given to employees who have been with the company for more than ten years. 

What is Apple’s special gift?

Apple’s special gift is given to employees who have completed ten years of service. The award is made of metal with chamfered edges. The prestigious award displays the iconic Apple logo at its center. The award features the name of the honored employee who achieved a ten-year milestone.

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Apple employees get special gift from Tim Cook

Many employees have received this special gift from Tim Cook. Recently, Marcos Alonso, Human Interface designer at Apple, received this special award. He shared his achievement on social media platform X, previously Twitter. The employee also received the message written by Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple.

Earlier this year, Apple also avoided mass layoffs. How has Apple avoided mass layoffs like Meta, Google, and Microsoft? Apple is on the list of most stable companies as it helps avoid wastage of time and resources on the part of the employer. Tim Cook has always been critical of tech layoffs.

Last month, Apple also announced plans to hire more workers in the UK. The new employees will work in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). While attending a UK press interaction, Tim Cook announced the company’s plans to hire more workers in the UK. He said, “We are hiring in the field of AI, yes, and so I do expect an increase in recruitment in the UK.” Apple has already created approximately 550,000 jobs in the UK. 

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