Black Eyed Peas Wear Rainbow Bands To Show Solidarity With The LGBTQ+ Community At The NYE Poland Show

black eyed peas wear rainbow bands to show solidarity with the lgbtq community at the nye poland show

black eyed peas wear rainbow bands to show solidarity with the lgbtq community at the nye poland show

Poland-The Black-Eyed Peas showed solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community today by wearing rainbow armbands. All four members were in a gig for Polish TV channel TVP’s state-sanctioned New Year’s Dreams show. The action created a big controversy in the area., J. Rey Soul, Tabo, and showed their support for the community during the broadcast in Polish territory. They inspired some gay activists and later the Law and Justice Party of Poland (PiS). This is the government in the state at present. Expressed his anger over the music group’s belongings. For those unaware, the Polish political party has very strong anti-LGBT views and policies.

A member of PiS, Marcin Warchol, on Twitter said that TVP2. DISGRACE that by  LGBT promotion in. They also said this is not a New year which they all are dreaming about.

Keep Reading tweeted, that #WHEREstheLOVE??? , They said in his tweet that understanding, unity, tolerance,  respect, diversity, and inclusion this is all love. They all are human beings and we all should learn from them to respect and love all kinds of people on earth. They also added in his tweet that they love their country. They made this tweet at the time of addressing backlash online.

Spice Girls singer Melanie Chisholm also raised her voice on “issues against communities” she supports. She tweeted in a diplomatic manner and said that she is afraid and that is why she will no longer be able to perform in Poland on New Year’s Eve

Though Mel C didn’t say anything clearly or did not point out the reason for what specific issue forced her to call off the topics. Many have assumed in light of the latest events that she was referring to the LGBTQ+ community.

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