Scotland Passes The Gender Identity Reform Bill: Gender legality

scotland passes gender recognition reform bill

scotland passes gender recognition reform bill

On Thursday, the Parliament of Scotland passes a bill called Gender Reforms Bill, with 86 votes in favor. Though 39 votes opposed this law.

Now transgender can easily change their gender in Scotland. This country passed a controversial law after a deep debate, by which transgender people can easily change their gender. The bill has passed now and it should receive royal assent.

This will bring down the minimum age for obtaining a Gender Identity Certificate. Now the minimum age to get it is 16 years.

Now for getting the certificate no requirement of a medical diagnosis of gender dysphoria.

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This bill received 86 votes in favor on Thursday but 39 voted against it.

The poll was conducted a week after the parliamentary session.

The SNP faced a major backlash during this process of passing the bill. It was the second-largest rebellion in the history of the Scottish Parliament. 9-The people of the government bench voted against the bill.

The Scotsman said two junior spokespeople resigned following the uproar. Claire Baker and Carol Mochan were the Scottish Labour’s spokespeople. 

The point to be noted is that the UK government quickly showed interest in this matter. The UK said that it could use powers within the Scotland Act to block the bill in the Supreme Court. According to Section 35 of the Scotland Act, UK government can intervene and block the passage of a bill.

But Scotland’s Cabinet Secretary for Social Justice said it would be “very disappointing and a disgrace to us” if the bill were to be shelved.

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