17 Migrants Are Killed When A Bus Carrying Them Crashes In Mexico

17 migrants are killed when a bus carrying them crashes in mexico

17 migrants are killed when a bus carrying them crashes in mexico

Last updated on February 22nd, 2023 at 11:07 am

Mexico: 17 people were killed when a bus carrying migrants from Venezuela, Colombia, and Central America crashed in central Mexico on Monday.

Puebla’s Interior Minister Julio Huerta told reporters that the accident occurred on a highway on Sunday afternoon as the bus with 45 passengers was heading north.

Minister also told a news conference that 15 people died at the scene of the accident. Another 15 were hospitalized, two of whom later died. Five others remain in critical condition.

According to the local prosecutor’s office that transported the bodies from the scene, the bus, operated by Tour Turisticos Medina, was traveling from Tapachula, a city near the Mexican border, to Mexico City when it overturned.

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According to the office, the bus driver and assistant were among the dead.

State officials did not specify how many of those killed and injured were migrants, and Mexico’s migration institute did not respond to a request for comment. Migrants often take risky routes to cross Mexico.

In a statement, Colombia’s foreign ministry said a 56-year-old Colombian man was among the dead. Two men and a woman from Colombia were hospitalized in Puebla, and an uninjured man was handed over to immigration authorities in Oaxaca, a neighboring state.

Guatemala’s foreign ministry spokesperson told Reuters no Guatemalans had been reported as victims.

Images published by television station Milenio showed parts of a bus crushed and mangled after the driver lost control of the bus.

Last week in Panama, dozens of migrants died when their bus fell off a cliff, the country’s worst migration casualty. So it’s not the first time, see more about the tragedy of Mexico and migrants!

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