Your comprehensive guide to 7 biggest NGOs in Australia

Your comprehensive guide to 7 biggest NGOs in Australia

Last updated on July 1st, 2024 at 08:42 am

Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) serve millions of people. These organisations are independent and work on their own, without the interference of the governments and other legal and administrative institutions. The NGOs are generally focused on eradicating social issues such as poverty, improving food security, and enhancing child and women’s rights. Thus these are the few sectors where NGOs work. 

Here we look into the top 7 NGOs in Australia that work towards giving a better life to humans. 

Action on Poverty

Founded by an Australian actress and Marist priest in 1968,  Action on Poverty reaches millions through its programs, global network, and local organisations. It has a presence and works in 14 countries worldwide. It deals with issues such as climate resilience, food and water security, governance, and social accountability, gender equality, livelihoods and economic empowerment and health. It is accredited with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and people can see information regarding its activities in the official website, 

Amnesty International Australia

Amnesty International is based in the UK, and its branch in Australia is one of the biggest NGOs in the country. Founded in 1961 it grew into one of the largest advocacy institutions in the World. Works around Climate Change, Refugee rights, child rights, death penalty and much more.


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Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

The ASRC began in 2001. It was a student run, and community funded food bank but now over time it has grown into an independent community led organisation. It’s now the largest human rights organisation supporting people seeking asylum in Australia. It runs programs all round the country addressing issues like food and material aid, healthcare, support services, legal aid, education, etc. 


Australian Human Rights Commission

The AHRC is a bit different  in nature because it was established by an act of federal parliament. Despite this, it works freely separate from the Government involvement in its works. The organisation aims to investigate discrimination and human rights complaints, providing guidelines to employers, advocating to the government and others for human rights and related works.


Australian Red Cross

The Australian Red Cross is a worldwide humanitarian aid network that reaches millions each year through national societies. The Australian Branch of the Red Cross Society was founded in 1914 after WW1 began. Since then it has continued to serve humanity till date and is one of the topmost NGOs in the globe.


Australia for Native Title and Reconciliation

ANTAR describes itself as a Trusted Ally and Thought Leader that offers info on first nations rights, and works for the First Nations Rights and Justice. It was set up in 1927 and has since campaigned for truth telling, cultural heritage, justice, racism and voice. 


CARE Australia

Care Australia is an Australian NGO focussed on ending global poverty and hunger along with addressing needs of girls and women. It started operating 70 years back and has operations in 84 countries as of now. The organisation is focussed on women centric issues and care towards their health, education, employment etc. 


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