Top 10 Issues Women Face Today

Top 10 Issues Women Face Today

The female gender has shown a lot of effort towards the achievement of equal rights. However, they encounter many issues in various aspects of their lives even to the present day. No woman is safe in the world, regardless of their age, race, or even their origin since these problems befall all races and ages of women. So, in the sphere of work, in their houses, and society, women continue to face unfairness and problems. It is time to cast our attention to the most important problems, with which women are faced in the contemporary world

1. Unequal Pay: 

Women in most developed countries are paid less than men even if they do the same work as men. This isn’t fair. This means that women are paid less money than men for the same job meant for them, they have to struggle much harder than a man. This makes it difficult for a woman to be financially smart and take care of her family as she will be consulting the doctor frequently. 

2. Sexual Harassment: 

Physical Harassment is common in women’s experiences in workplaces or public places where they are harassed by unwanted touching or remarks related to their bodies. Smoking also makes them feel scared and uncomfortable. No woman should be treated this way, but it continues to happen all the same. 

3. Limited Job Opportunities: 

Many occupation types are regarded as “men’s occupations”. And this is not encouraging for women to be hired or promoted to higher positions within that job. Employment particularly with an opportunity to become a leader or a boss, is still relatively limited for women. 

4. Violence Against Women: 

Women are endangered of being physically or emotionally assaulted by a partner or an unknown person. This entails physical aggression such as hitting and verbal abuse or any other form of to temper the aggressor. They found that the negative impact of the specific feature was a significant issue that influenced women’s safety and health. 

5. Lack of Education: 

Sometimes girls attend school much less as compared to boys. This implies that they are deprived of the opportunity to learn something crucial. It may limit their opportunities to find well-paid jobs when they reach the working age or when they get to adulthood. 

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6. Health Care Issues: 

 It is to be noted that many times women are even denied a proper standard of health care that men receive. People may not go to their doctors to get a diagnosis or concern regarding their coworkers. Moreover, decision-making rights about one’s own body and health are limited in some areas for women. 

 7. Unrealistic Beauty Standards: 

 TV shows, movies, and ads present only one type of beauty to the public and society. This affects many women in a negative way regarding their appearance and self-organizing. They include low self-esteem and health complications such as eating disorders. 

 8. Balancing Work and Family: 

 Many women stay home taking care of children and doing all the housework and at the same time, most women are employed. Such a situation can be rather exhausting and stressful since it implies ‘’double duty’’ performance. This is one of the reasons that delay women from following their dreams and achieving career goals. 

 9. Underrepresentation in Politics: 

 The percentage of women executives and legislators is reduced to that of men in the government. This implies that the women and their requirements may fail to be considered when emerging with vital functions. It could imply that if there were more women in politics, issues that affect women could be solved. 

 10. Stereotypes and Prejudice: 

 Women are sometimes denied capabilities because people feel women can’t do something because they are women. This is not correct; however, such misconceptions can hinder women’s progress. It can make it quitter for women to achieve those dreams. 

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