Exploring 10 Reasons Why Gender Equality Is Important

Exploring 10 Reasons Why Gender Equality Is Important

Gender equality is one of the main concerns of countries around the world. People in different parts of the world are victims of gender inequality. What is gender equality? Gender equality means that people of all genders, irrespective of their race, religion, or caste, should be provided the same opportunities, equal rights, and treatment. Gender equality ensures that every man, woman, and other gender can access the resources equally and receive fair treatment in all aspects of life, including education, work,work and healthcare. Today we are here with 10 reasons why gender equality is important not only for the individuals but for the society as a whole.

10 reasons why gender equality is important

1) Gender equality leads to better healthcare.

According to the studies, it is revealed that women receive poor medical treatment as compared to men. This is because of various reasons, like low income and a lower level of education among women. When women achieve gender equality, it will positively impact their health and lifestyle.

2) Gender equality leads to improvements in legal protections.

The law does not provide protection for women against domestic, economic, and sexual violence. All these kinds of violence pose a great threat for a woman’s safety and freedom. Strengthening the legal rights of women helps the women to keep them safe and lead a productive life.

3) Gender equality boosts the economy

Gender equality is important as it helps to boost the economy. Research highlights that involvement of women in the workforce helps benefit the economy. Gender pay gaps affect the economy, which reduces productivity and earnings.

4) Gender equality reduces poverty

Gender equality is important to deal with the problem of poverty. Young girls experience the highest rate of poverty because girls are not highly educated and do not get job opportunities. Gender inequality keeps women and their families stuck in poverty. Gender equality leads to empowering girls and making them independent to push their families out of poverty.

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5) Gender equality also leads to racial equality.

Racial equality and gender equality are linked closely.Race significantly influences issues like the gender pay gap. When gender equality efforts also address racial factors, it helps improve racial equality too.

 6) Human trafficking can be controlled through gender equality.

Gender equality is significant to control the major issue of human trafficking. Men can also be victims of human trafficking, but women and girls are the majority victims of human trafficking. With education and job opportunities, the issue of human trafficking can be controlled. Gender equality leads to strengthening the country and bringing stability.

7) Gender equality leads to peace. 

Research indicates that gender equality is connected to peace, even more than a country’s GDP or democracy level. Addressing major areas of gender inequality, such as education and employment, promotes peace.

8) Lives can be saved through gender equality.

Due to a lack of resources and empowerment, women and girls face serious life-threatening issues. Experts have revealed that gender inequality leads to death and injury. Gender inequality poses a serious threat to the love of women. If gender equality is encouraged, it leads to the protection of women and girls and provides them a safe and secure lifestyle.

9) Gender equality leads to healthier children

Gender equality promotes women’s education. When women are educated, they tend to receive job opportunities, which help them to be independent. Women can make their own choices and can provide better care for their children. Women can provide better education and healthcare for their children.

10) Gender Equality helps businesses grow

Studies show that if women are educated and independent, they perform more well as compared to male employees. Women employees enhance the work environment and productivity of the organisation in which they work. Diversity of all types of genders helps in growing any business.

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