Sustainable Development Goal 5:Basic Steps To Achieve Gender Equality In Our Lifetime

Basic Steps To Achieve Gender Equality In Our Lifetime

Basic Steps To Achieve Gender Equality In Our Lifetime

Many issues around the world are common, and various measures are also practised to elevate these issues. One such major issue is gender inequality. Till today, women and girls in many countries are being dominated by men and cannot practise their own rights, but this time people have understood the importance of gender equality. Recently, the United Nations, through its official ‘X’ handle, stated that it will take another 300 long years for girls and women to have the same rights and protection as men. Global Goals are measures whose objective is to ensure all girls and women can live with respect and dignity.

10 Basic Steps to Achieve Gender Equality in our lifetime

1) Give Value to Women’s Work

Giving value to women’s work is one of the basic ways to promote gender equality. The contribution of women and girls in any particular field should be highlighted to build up their confidence and to keep them going. Proper recognition and compensation should also be provided.

2) Promote Girl and Women Education

Education is the key to achieving gender equality. By educating women and girls, we make them strong and educated so that they can fulfil their dreams and be independent. Educated girls and women help in shaping a morally equal society, and education makes them strong and enhances their personalities.

3)Support Mothers

When mothers are empowered and educated to live their lives freely, make their own choices, and be independent later, mothers also support their daughters to be independent and educated and lead a worthy life. Mothers should be supported to lead their lives as per their own choices.

4) Encourage Women Power

To achieve gender equality, the best thing we can do is bring women into power in local, regional, and national legislation because it’s only women who can understand each other well. A woman in power can lead to changes of policies in favour of women to make them strong and independent.Encouraging women to come in power is one of the best ways of encouraging women.

5) Raise Aspirations of Girls

One of the best ways to stand up for gender equality is to change the way girls, their families, and society think about what girls and women can do. Girls should be informed and educated, given role models that can expand their dreams. Parents should also be informed about the ample opportunities for girls.

6) Stand Up for Equal Pay

Standing up for equal pay is to achieve gender equality by making sure men and women are paid equally for the work of the same value. This means men and women should get the same pay for jobs that require similar levels of responsibilities, effort, and skills. It aims to support fair pay and deal with the long-term impact of pay gaps on women and their families.

7) Support survivors of violence.

Helping survivors of violence is essential to standing up for gender equality. This aims to support those who have faced gender-based violence and tackle the reasons behind it. It includes providing immediate help to survivors of gender-based violence like medical care, legal assistance, and counselling.

8)Understand Consent 

Understanding consent is a key step to standing up for gender equality. Consent means both people freely agree to engage in any kind of intimate activity. It involves clear and enthusiastic communication and emphasises mutual respect. This approach helps build safer and more respectful relationships. 

9)Challenge Biases

Challenge Biases is another crucial step to stand up for gender equality. Biases are long-standing social norms that restrict women’s freedom and continue gender inequality. To bring change in such things, one must educate for change, like encouraging critical thinking and inclusive lessons in school to challenge traditional gender roles and stereotypes and to implement gender transformative approaches.

10) Teach children about equality.

Teaching children about equality is one of the vital steps to standing up for gender equality. Teaching children about equality means helping them see that everyone, no matter their gender, should be treated fairly. It teaches them that everyone deserves respect, chances to succeed, and equal rights. When kids learn about this, they can speak out against unfair justice.

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