Importance of gender equality in the workplace

Importance of gender equality in the workplace

Importance of gender equality in the workplace

Gender equality in the workspace not only starts with promoting involvement of women in the office. But it also has to have aspects of mutual respect, proper and equal pay for the same work done keeping the other gender in mind, giving proper chances to excel in work and have equal amount of participation in terms of taking decisions according to their position, the list goes on.

Despite seeming that women are given proper chances to go up the corporate ladder, only 47% women go to work in comparison to 72% involvement of men in the workspace. Listed below are some reasons why gender equality and equal participation should be promoted in the corporate culture;

A wider talent pool

Women consist of almost half of the population in the globe. If they are promoted to go to the offices and participate in the work culture, the companies can tap into the pool of talent that are still untouched and can have a wider range of ideas and opinions that will help them in taking better constructed decisions.

Different Perspectives

More participation of women would result in the addition of minds in the workspace. Therefore, during meetings, companies would get more perspectives on a topic helping them in taking decisions in a concrete manner.

Enhanced Collaboration

Increased women participation helps in better workplace productivity. According to researchers, women are better communicators, have better leadership qualities, and help in collaboration and connectivity. Thus if companies and businesses hire more women, it is likely to see better workplace collaboration and team productivity increase. 

Employee Retention and low turnover rate

Employee turnover rates are a concern to employers as it results in woes of HR and increase in time of training of a new employee after they look for potential candidates and hire them. Thus an inclusive culture within the workspace would help in retaining women employees and help in saving costs that can be invested in other required places resulting in increased profits.

A better reflection of the company in front of customers

If gender equality is promoted in the workspace it helps in showing a positive work culture in front of the company’s potential and current customers. It is important to promote participation of all genders coming from different races and ethnicities in the work. This helps in increased reputation, brand value, and profit and goodwill in the market.

Thus gender diversity is important for offices and bringing up the company culture.

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