The Ultimate Guide to Dublin ‘Tent City’ and Refugee Crisis

The Ultimate Guide to Dublin ‘Tent City’ and Refugee Crisis

The Ultimate Guide to Dublin ‘Tent City’ and Refugee Crisis

Dublin is full of impressive buildings and glass offices where people enjoy a worthy lifestyle but there is another side of Dublin where people are living in tents. But the Dublin refugee crisis is getting more intense day by day. The people who are living in tents cannot afford the expensive houses. Dublin Irelan’s growing capital is lacking in providing housing facilities to the people. But there is another group of people who are living in tents. The people are migrants which is another big issue in Ireland. Ireland is not able to provide proper housing to the migrants because the country is already facing a housing crisis. The number of tents in Dublin is increasing. The situation has gotten worse because of the Russia-Ukraine war. Since the war has started many refugees are migrating to Ireland. Dublin is now being converted into a tent city. As per EU wide agreement means that refugees do not have to apply for asylum first.

How the Ireland Migration crisis is connected to the UK

As the United Kingdom is trying its best to stop asylum seekers from entering the country by enhancing the UK’s migration policy, refugees are now migrating to Dublin because of which Dublin is turning into unpleasant refugee camps. This issue is related to Britain’s exit from the EU which is called Brexit. People are now fleeing from the UK to save themselves from the strict asylum policies of the country. Refugees are now entering the EU through Ireland.

Immigration has been one of the major problems in Ireland for so many years, refugees migrate to Ireland after living in the UK. The United Kingdom is now working on new immigration laws and is planning to deport the immigrants soon. Ireland is witnessing a huge increase in migration from the UK. Ireland’s migration crisis can lead to political tensions among the nations also.

Potential Solutions For the Refugee Crisis


Resolving conflicts and promoting peace in war and conflicted areas can be crucial steps in handling the refugee crisis. Because bringing peace to these areas will reduce the number of people taking refuge. 

Cooperation at the International Level

Countries should cooperate at the world level and find long-term solutions for the refugee crisis. Especially the developed and rich countries should take a stance and help poor and small countries to handle the refugee crisis. The UK can bring some ease in its migration policy so that the refugees will not migrate to Ireland.

Support for Host Countries

Wealthy nations should provide financial aid and support to the countries that are facing the refugee crisis so that the people of the country do not face any problems. Also, this kind of support helps in providing necessities to the refugees. Nations like the US, and the UK should support Ireland.


Rich and developed countries should allow refugees in their countries so that the refugees can lead a dignified life with basic amenities and this can also lessen the burden of refugees on poor countries. The UK by allowing refugees to stay in the country can handle the Dublin refugee crisis.

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