EU Funding Accused of Backing Brutal Migrant Dumps in Sahara

EU Funding Accused of Backing Brutal Migrant Dumps in Sahara

EU Funding Accused of Backing Brutal Migrant Dumps in Sahara

The European Union (EU) faces serious allegations of funding operations that abandon migrants in the harsh Sahara Desert. An investigation by Lighthouse Reports, along with other major media outlets like the Washington Post, claims the EU is linked with a shocking human rights abuse.

Morocco, Tunisia and Mauritania are alleged to be using funds provided by the EU to round up migrants, primarily Black people, and dump them in the middle of nowhere. These locations often lack basic necessities like food, water and shelter, putting the migrants at extreme risk of kidnapping, torture, sexual violence and even death. 

The year-long investigation interviewed survivors and spoke with current and former EU staff. It accuses that the EU has struck deals with these African countries to organize these ejections, sometimes even directly participating. The report claims millions of Euros have been provided to these countries, with Morocco receiving £533 million, Tunisia £128 million and Mauritania staggering £179 million.

Survivors narrate horrifying experiences. They describe being detained only on the basis of their skin color, they were loaded onto buses and were driven to desolated areas in the Sahara. Others allege being dropped off near borders, to become easy prey for human traffickers and other gangs. The report estimates at least 29 deaths with dozens more missing.

The EU was seen defending its actions, claiming the funds are meant to manage migration. However, an unknown source familiar with EU programs in Africa claims these are being misused. They allege the money is used to train and equip the units carrying out these expulsions.

The report also claims that some vehicles used in the dumps are identical to those provided by the EU to these countries’ security forces. While the EU accepts the situation is “difficult”, they maintain they cannot fully track how the funds are used, citing the sovereignty of these nations.

These accusations and claims raise serious ethical concerns about the EU’s migration policies. Funding practices that leave people at risk of such horrific abuse need thorough investigation and reforms. 

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