Top 10 Jobs For High School Graduates In Us

Top 10 Jobs For High School Graduates In Us

Top 10 Jobs For High School Graduates In Us

On completion of high school education, get a diploma which can lead to employment in most related industries. It is important to note that even though many jobs avail themselves to college graduates, there are several lucrative occupations that high school leavers can pursue. Written below are some of the most popular jobs for high school graduates in the U S, the average national salaries, and just briefly, specific duties of each position.

1. Customer Service Representative

The ‘’employees’’, also known as the customer service representatives in this case, act as a source of information, filtering complaints and orders.

Average Salary: $35,330 annually 

Primary Duties: Taking calls personally or transferring them to other departments and providing information that may include responding to customers’ complaints or orders placed by a particular customer out there.

2. Administrative Assistant

Secretarial services and providing general clerical assistance in any other secretarial work in the office is also the responsibility of an administrative assistant.

Average Salary: 39,850 dollars per year

Primary Duties: Secretary duties include, but are not limited to; faxing, fixing appointments, answering emails and any correspondence, and making general support in matters that would envelope normal working routine in the office setting.

3. Retail Sales Associate

Retail salespeople enhance the sale of merchandise to clients within the store or retail business organization.

Average Salary: $27,180 per year.

Primary Duties: It involves directly interacting with the children by welcoming them and attending to any of their inquiries, explaining or assisting in the processing of their bills, replenishing the stock of various goods on the shelves, and ensuring the general cleanness of the store.

4. Food Service Worker

The catering staff as the name suggests prepares and cooks food, and serves it in restaurants, cafeterias, and any other place that provides food.

Average Salary:  $35,800 per year

Primary Duties: Taking and conveying customers’ orders, cooking and delivering customers’ food, using cash registers washing dishes and cooking utensils, and ensuring that the customers’ eating areas are clean.

5. Truck Driver

They drive massive and colossal transport vehicles like buses and large trailers, and move goods and articles over long distances.

Average Salary: This corresponds to $47,130 per year.

Primary Duties: Operating big vehicles like trucks, backward movement or turning, inspecting the vehicle whether in pre or post-use, positioning or towing shipping containers, and keeping records in a logbook.

6. Construction Worker

A construction worker participates in executing his or her skills in construction sites for construction, repair, and remodeling functions.

Average Salary: this amounts to approximately $37,890 per year. 

Primary Duties: Excavation, other dirt, and earthwork, using large tools and equipment, reading building plans, erecting scaffolding, and performing construction activities such as the construction of walls or floors, fixing bricks, pipes, etc.

7. Office Clerk

It comprises technical and administrative categories that are performed in the working environment by the office clerks.

Average Salary: As we have observed, the average salary of graduates dropped slightly to $35,330 per year.

Primary Duties: For instance, receptionists may work with records, clerical files, telephone calls, data entries, and routing documents such as photocopy and f Axis/fax.

8. Janitor or Cleaner

They Utilize cleaning equipment to make sure that any premise they find themselves in is clean and well-arranged to give precedence to the first impression aspect of the game.

Average Salary: $29,760 annually

Primary Duties: Mopping floors, wiping floors, walls corridors, offices, restrooms public places; Sweeping and cleaning floors; vacuuming the floor Carpet; Disposing of junket disposal of refuse and garbage; Cleaning floors, ceiling, and windows; Erasing tarnished doors.

9. Home Health Aide

The aide gives attending care to elderly or disabled persons in their homes for which they are paid.

Average Salary: $2245 per year

Primary Duties: Giving clients basic caring that involves assisting in basic life aspects like showering, dressing, and feeding among other aspects like repairing, and cooking among others.

10. Security Guard

SECURITY: Special employees, who are employed to guard premises and protect premises against criminal activities, violence, and other unlawful actions.

Average Salary: $16250 per year

Primary Duties: Supervising CCTV cameras and security doors, locking and unlocking premises, patrolling around certain areas, handle emergencies or events.

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