International Day For Countering Hate Speech: Hate Has Real Consequences

international day for countering hate speech hate has real consequences

international day for countering hate speech hate has real consequences

Everyone in this world wants to be loved because hate is a kind of feeling in which no individual on this earth wants to be hated or hate someone. Hate speech or hate can deeply affect someone, which can lead to distress and emotional pain. Hate speech can provoke feelings like anxiety, depression, and worthlessness. Not only this Hate speech can create a sense of loneliness and can hamper relationships also. With time, hate speech can cause harm to both the mental and physical health of an individual, making it difficult for the person to live a happy and peaceful life.

Concerns over rise in hate speech

Hate speech has real consequences like prejudice, dehumanisation, and a lack of empathy towards other individuals. Hate speech has always existed; its impact has grown deeper due to digital communication and social media platforms harming not only those who are targeted but also other people. Concerns over the rise of hate speech are rising because it goes against the values of diversity, inclusion, tolerance and human rights. Hate speech can lead to abuse, violence, and discrimination. It can harm society’s peace and overall development, leading to conflicts and human rights violations.

For so long, the United Nations has been fighting hatred to protect human rights and uphold the rule of law. The organisation works actively to fight hatred and discrimination.

Steps to address hate speech:


It means do not post any comment that is insane or can be considered racist. It is high time that all the individuals across the world start acting responsibly for not spreading fake news and hatred; it should not be restricted to the internet but also in our day-to-day lives. Visit the United Nations #PledgetoPause initiative to comprehend why it is strictly necessary to step back before posting anything to one’s social media account. Understand how to share content responsibly, irrespective of assessing any messages, retweeting any story, or watching any video that you come across in your feeds.


The world wide web or the internet is not very forgiving in the sense that there is quite a lot of fake and detrimental information; however, it is not very difficult to verify whether something is true or not. To curb fake or biassed information, including promoting hate speeches, one ought to open another search engine to check if the content exists.


Whenever possible, don’t look the other way if someone is being bullied, teased, or even looked down upon. If people around you say things that spread hatred, don’t sit back and agree with them; tell them you don’t approve of it from your heart. In case of a need, an opposing notion can be refuted by providing factual data in order to support the assertion.


Some perpetrators of hate speech can be confronted through counter speech by sharing positive messages, much to the effect of reducing the influence that hate speech will have. In response, such hate can be addressed through creating posts that encourage equal treatment of people, advocating for tolerance, and sharing the truth.


This has the message that accepting people into the public sphere and supporting those discriminated against by hate speech is everyone’s responsibility to reject hate.


Different social media sites also have guidelines on the type of discussions allowed so as to curb cases of hate messages within the community, and they provide means through which such messages can be reported to the moderators and administrators. See the recommendations provided in the thread to guard individuals on social media from harassment and hate speech. In cases where it is severe and involves threats or violence, consider reporting to organisations that are fighting hate speech.


You can form a non-governmental organisation (NGO) or a similar community or group in charge of combating hate speech within your region.


The use and proliferation of hate speech can be prevented through education in computers, iPhones, and iPhones; you can lecture your friends and kin on the effects of hate speech both on the internet and in the physical world. Report positive changes and encourage responsible behaviour; distribute publicity campaigns and educational materials.

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