Rachel Morin Murder: Another Illegal Immigrant Arrested, Biden’s Border Policies Questioned Yet Again

rachel morin murder another illegal immigrant arrested bidens border policies questioned yet again

rachel morin murder another illegal immigrant arrested bidens border policies questioned yet again

A 23-year-old migrant from El Salvador named Victor Martinez-Hernandez has been accused of killing and raping Rachel Morin, Maryland mom of five children, on a hiking trail in 2023. According to Harford County Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler, the police matched the DNA of Martinez-Hernandez to the crime scene, following which the accused was tracked down in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on Friday. According to the police, the accused has a violent history and has connections to Salvadoran street gangs. Also, the accused is believed to have committed at least one other murder.

In February 2023, Martinez-Hernandez illegally entered the United States after he killed another young woman. He was staying in the US for 6 months before killing Rachel Morin. The accused attacked Morin while she was walking alone on the Ma & Pa heritage trail in Bel Air. The County Sheriff stated that in May the cops were able to identify the suspect. On Friday an arrest warrant was finally executed after tracking down Martinez-Hernandez in Tulsa. Martinez-Hernandez is now in custody and is booked for first-degree rape charges and first-degree murder. Court records have stated that the accused was held without bail.

Laken Riley’s murder by an illegal immigrant

Laken Riley was murdered and raped by an illegal immigrant named Jose Ibarra. In February, the illegal immigrant of 26 years was accused of killing Laken Riley. The accused is also charged with attempted rape and spying on another student. On 22 February, Laken Riley was killed while jogging at the University of Georgia. Previously, police have stated that the accused, Jose Ibarra, did not know Laken Riley and called her death ‘a crime of opportunity’. The Grand Jury in Georgia charged the accused with multiple charges of assault with an attempt to rape, murder, battery, tampering with evidence, and hindering a 911 call. The indictment of the jury has stated that Laken Riley died from blunt force trauma and asphyxiation after the accused hit her head with a hard rock.

President Joe Biden’s border policies questioned yet again

After Rachel Morin was murdered by the illegal immigrant, US President Joe Biden’s border policies are under scrutiny again.The Breanna Morella Show host Breanna Morella took to her ‘X’ account to share the news, noting that “Martinez-Hernandez illegally crossed into the US after he killed another woman.”

Public’s reaction to Rachel Morin murder

In the comment section of Breanna Morella’s ‘X’ post, various netizens questioned the US immigration laws and also blamed US President Joe Biden for his border policies. One of the users wrote, “Deport every last one of them.” Another user said, “Now in America, every woman should always train and carry.” Referring to the border policies of Joe Biden, another user wrote, “Joe Biden is responsible.” Another user wrote, “Biden has blood on his hands.” One user wrote, “Another open border day in America.”.

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