Workplace Mental Health: 5 Jobs For Better Work-Life Balance

5 jobs for better work life balance

5 jobs for better work life balance

A healthy work-life balance helps to improve mental health. There are jobs which give better work-life balance by providing paid time off, casual leaves, flexible hours, and the opportunity to work from home.

5 Jobs for Better Work-Life Balance

Here is the list of the 5 jobs for better work-life balance –

Social Media Manager

Social media managers build communities for companies on social media. You will be responsible for implementing social media platforms’ content strategies.

This work provides a great work-life balance. You can also choose your own times for work. This job can also be done from home. Most employers prefer candidates with a bachelor’s degree.

Real estate agent

Real estate agents work with clients to buy, sell, and rent properties. Many of them are self-employed. You don’t need to work every day and you can also plan your work schedule. You just need a high school diploma to start working in this field.

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Freelance content writers

You will be responsible for writing content for different countries. This job can also be done from home. You don’t need to work every day. You just need to submit content before the deadline and it’s up to you how much content you want to write.


Most of the positions in this field have standard work hours. You don’t need to work beyond your schedule. You can work as a part-time recruiter or full-time recruiter.

You will be responsible for hiring candidates. You will typically need a bachelor’s degree in a related field to work as a recruiter.


Receptionists enjoy a reasonable work-life balance. If you want to maximise your work-life balance, you can work as a part-time receptionist.

You will be responsible for meeting and greeting clients. You will maintain calendars for appointments and arrange meetings with clients.

These are 5 jobs for a better work-life balance. Let us know what kind of jobs you like in the comment section below.

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