Work 4 days a week – for UAE restaurant staff

uae restaurant staff to work 4 days a week arabian business

uae restaurant staff to work 4 days a week arabian business

Dubai-LPM Restaurant & Bar or La Petite Maison is a popular power lunch spot in Dubai. It is shifting into a 4-day work policy. This is coming into force permanently. This Restaurant said that the cooks, servers, and other staff members would take two or three days off per week. This rule will be implemented in both unit branches of the UAE.

It means that Staff members will work fewer hours per week and get the same payment amount.

Why Restaurant is doing so?

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This big iconic restaurant is trying to attract new talents, and retain the best employees with them by changing some policies, at a time when the hotelier industry is facing pressure.

The director of operations in the middle east, Alexandra Audon said that this was a necessary action that needs to perform. This is the era when all are talking about work-life balance so it is a required step for the industry of hospitality.

On the LPM Restaurant & Bar, The Audon said. said that they want to expand this tendency in whole branches that are in the regions of the Middle East – Saudi Arabia and Qatar. But this is hard to implement in the area of London, Miami, Hong Kong, or Cyprus because they all have different labor laws. 

LPM Restaurant & Bar is going to start 4-day working culture permanently after the trial. He had done tests at different places for the last several months. They played it in Abu Dhabi with 67 employees and in Dubai with 10 employees. And the results were overwhelmingly positive.

Employees find it comfortable and the work results were more positive. So, they’re going ahead with it.

This implementation came when the government and companies are thinking about it after COVID-19. Some tests were carried out on the territory of America.

In a line we can sum up the view of Audon –happy staff means happy guests.

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