“Welcome Corps”- A program by the United States for refugees

“welcome corps” a program by the united states for refugees

“welcome corps” a program by the united states for refugees

For too long, we’ve seen American frustration with illegal immigration, which has been increasing rapidly along the side borders. Now a new refugee program is announced by the US State Department. Which says that Americans can financially support and sponsor refugees for their resettlement.

This Thursday, the State Department of the United States announced the new program named the “Welcome Corps”. This is a pilot program that wants to build 10,000 Americans as private sponsors for around 5,000 refugees this year.

According to the US, officials-The Welcome Corps is a new service for Americans to welcome refugees and secure their freedom and safety. With this, they can also bring change to society.

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After this program, Americans will welcome refugees with basic housing, their children will have a chance to go to school, and people will be able to find jobs.

According to the program “Welcome Corps”, refugees are welcomed by private sponsors, and the very first refugees will be the African people from sub- Sahara region. The permanent resident of the USA or citizens of the United States both can be part of private sponsors.

For creating a group of sponsors there must be at least 5 people in the group of age more than 18 and they should have a nearby residency. For each precinct, Delegates need to raise at least $2,275.

There is no need to identify a particular refugee in order to sponsor the PSG. The Welcome Corps will match sponsors with selected refugees. The Welcome Corps will provide PSGS with resources such as a budget, welcome checklist, funds, etc.

It’s a new kind of innovation, though Americans are saying they’ve always been generous to refugees and protected their freedom and safety.

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