DeSantis Tested on Immigration as He Weighs 2024 Candidacy

desantis tested on immigration as he weighs 2024 candidacy

desantis tested on immigration as he weighs 2024 candidacy

Ron DeSantis deported many immigrants from Texas to the Massachusetts coast in the last year. From new year’s eve, Several Cuban migrants shore came recent weeks after new year’s eve, and then they took more serious steps.

The government of Florida is all set to control illegal immigration in the area before the mid-term elections.

The governor activated the National Guard late last week. This is the post-Top Republican Presidential Chances are there.

But this activism seemed too little and too slow to bring about changes and stop illegal immigration. Residents also expressed their dissatisfaction with the influx of immigrants to the Florida Keys Community Park.

The incident that happened in   South Florida offers insight into DeSantis’ leadership. Because he leads the presidential campaign against Ex-President  Trump.

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The governor has won the hearts of many Republican voters in the country by championing conservative policies on cultural issues like gender, race, and immigration. It seems that DeSantis is playing more carefully with the subject of immigration development in his backyard.

After declaring a state of emergency and activating the National Guard on a news release the governor kept silent. And his office declined to answer several questions about Cuban immigrants.

During the news release, the governor blamed the Biden administration while offering sympathy to the Cuban people. This is because this community supports Republicans in the US elections.

DeSantis is known for his clever moves to attract votes. DeSantis’ aides privately believe he will finalize his 2024 decision by the end of March 2023. But we need to wait for any public confirmation. He is focusing on the agenda in the coming months to solidify his potential Republican candidacy.

As DeSantis moves the paper is like a test for the election and the subjects will be Cuban immigrants.

Though, On Wednesday the Florida National Guard declares that it is mobilizing 12 military aircraft and about 150 soldiers to help South Florida officials.

So, to conclude it’s clear that DeSantis is taking extra care with the Cuban theme, and he plans to run it smoothly without a sound!

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