US Embassy In Kenya Waives Off Interview Formality For Renewal Candidates Post One Year Expiration


US Embassy in Kenya cancels formal Interviews for candidates whose visa has expired within a year.

The US Embassy in Kenya is going to do away with interviews to be held for eligible candidates whose visa has expired within a year. The embassy is making the movement into the US easier for those coming through Kenya.

The idea behind doing this is that the consulate wants to reduce unnecessary movement into the premises during Covid-19 increase in cases again. By making this simple change, they are also trying to streamline and speed up the process of looking at more important applications in need of attention.

This development has been confirmed by the US Embassy Deputy Consul General Eliot Fertik. This week, the US has already announced it will not allow anyone entering the country without the requisite vaccine shots taken.

Adding on Mr. Fertik has admitted that there will be very few limited exceptions for US citizens and Green Card holders. There is a chance that the US might not give clearance to all. It depends on which vaccine is more acceptable for clearance into the country.

“If you plan to enter the U.S., you will need to be vaccinated by November 2021. Some of the details of these are still being worked out for example which exact vaccination will qualify will be determined by the Center for Disease Control,” he said.

Currently, visitors only require to have a negative Covid-19 test that should be taken not more than 72 hours before gaining entry to the US. But now, US expects everyone entering to have been vaccinated and carry proof of it on them too.

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