UN Security Council announces you must know the first resolution on Myanmar in 74 years

u.n. security council announces first resolution on myanmar in 74 years

u.n. security council announces first resolution on myanmar in 74 years

In Myanmar, the conflict began with the election of Aung San Suu Kyi as the Supreme Counsellor of the National League for Democracy in November 2020. Last Thursday the UNSC passed a resolution with India, China, and Russia to end the violence and release the political prisoners.

WHY UN Security Council passed the resolution?

Myanmar military staged a coup detaining Suu Kyi and other NLD leaders last February 2021. During the time of the takeover, an Ex-military officer became acting as president, the name was Myint Swe. From this, all powers of the executive, legislative and judicial branches were transferred to the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. Counselor Suu Kyi of sending to jail for 26 years with 3 years of labor. From many sources, it came to know that the counselor is near Naypyidaw.

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When Suu Kyi took power, more than 16,000 people were arrested, with about 13,000 still behind bars. If we look at the reports of February 2021, we can see that at least 2465 civilians have been killed. The junta’s terror extends to the Rohingya Muslims who are a minority in Myanmar. Millions of Rohingya are living in fear of discrimination. Many are displaced from their homes. They move to Rakhine State for safety in refugee camps near Southeast Asia.

Barbara Woodward, the UK Ambassador spoke on Resolution 2669. He said that this resolution is an endorsement for the people of Myanmar. It will help in making democracy again. Ellen Pearson, Asia Director at Human Rights, agrees. Although all of them showed optimism and said that it will promote the democracy of Myanmar.

Myanmar has always faced military rule since 1948. After independence, this country has faced military power 5 times. The citizens formed the government in 2008 but now history repeats itself. Now from 2021, Myanmar is under military rule.

UNSC has passed resolution 2669. ASEAN now. There is a chance to reinvigorate diplomatic ties with Myanmar. This is a good initiative by an international organization to bring a country back on track with development.

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