Rishi Sunak plans to get thousands of over-50s back into work by offering ‘Midlife Mot’

rishi sunak plans to bring thousands of over

rishi sunak plans to bring thousands of over

Rishi Sunak planned to take people out of retirement. They are planning to bring back thousands of  50+ people to work. This will boost their financial health. 

What Sunak offered?

PM Rishi Sunak plans to bring back to work thousands of over-50s workers with a midlife MOT. They said these people who take early retirement are disturbing UK’s economy.

After 2019, around 630,000 people left their work in Britain. The government said that till yet very less people had returned to work as a comparison to Pre-COVID.

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PM also said that a new MOT will allow people or workers to assess their financial health.

In the UK people who are more than 50 years old decided to take retirement after COVID, this all happened after assumptions. Now Mr. Sunak is taking them back to work with feasting plans. It will also be used to help them identify opportunities for part-time or flexible work, mentoring, and skills training.

Why people will come back after retirement?

In UK, it had been seen that many people take early retirement during a pandemic but now some of them are returning to work. The PM is using this as and stunts for the revival of England’s economy. He is now planning to offer pensions, and flexibility in work to attract retired people to work.

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