Top 10 Countries That Offer The Best Work-Life Balance in 2022

top 10 countries that offer the best work life balance in 2022

top 10 countries that offer the best work life balance in 2022

Work-life balance refers to how one’s life is divided between work and other aspects of one’s life. A good work-life balance concept implies a balanced division of time between work and personal life.

If you have friends and family to spend time with, you may participate in community events or religious and spiritual pursuits. You may also spend time on self-care.

The need to understand that employees are more than money-making machines underpins the need of a decent work-life balance.

Employers can help by offering appropriate paid time off, allowing employees to work from home, and planning family gatherings and activities.

10 Best Countries With Great Work-Life Balance

These ten countries offer the ideal combination of revenue maximization, amazing lifestyle, and perfect destinations that perfectly balance income and lifestyle requirements.

1. Switzerland

Switzerland is the most popular expat location on the planet. When considering relocating to Switzerland, the first and most crucial thing any migrant should do is compare the cost of living to their expected income.

If you want to match wealth-building prospects with job progress while maintaining a high standard of living, Switzerland is the finest place to go.

2. Germany

In terms of wealth-building opportunities, job advancement, childcare, work/life balance, and family, Germany is a highly well-balanced country.

In Germany, you can have a solid disposable income, start saving for your future, boost your job, provide a good education for your children, and live a generally happy life.

The rich culture, natural beauty, and substantial social security provided by Germany are all very tempting.

3. Australia

Australia has long been an excellent location for anyone looking for a better way of life. It has near-perfect weather, a diverse cultural landscape, and a laid-back lifestyle.

It is a gold standard for expats in terms of quality of life, integration, and health. People are helpful and friendly.

Australians are quite equitable, and they want you to treat everyone with the same degree of respect, whether they are garbage-pickers or the Prime Minister.

4. Canada

Professional expats are generally drawn to Canada’s cities. The urban communities of Canada are incredibly diverse, inclusive, and tolerant – live and let live – and the Canadian lifestyle is very appealing to many foreigners.

Canada is an excellent place to live and work. In general, the country is safe, open-minded, family-friendly, and outdoorsy.

Education is excellent, sporting activities for children & adults are fantastic, and possibilities for a healthy lifestyle are many. Canada is praised for its entrepreneurial spirit and overall good quality of living.

5. Sweden

Expats have a high satisfaction rate for Sweden. Sweden ranks first in both the quality of daycare and the overall cost of raising a child.

Moreover, it has been voted the best place for families to vacation. You’ll also benefit from a healthy work-life balance, job security, good health, and a high overall quality of life.

Sweden is a family-friendly country, making it ideal for working parents who also want to raise a family.

It’s a very socially minded country that strives to strike a balance between economic stability and the well-being of its citizens.

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6. Singapore

Singapore has long been a popular destination for foreigners. Singapore ranks among the top 6 countries in the world in terms of disposable income, salary growth, savings, and career advancement.

Singapore has a lot to offer skilled expats from around the world, but it’s not cheap. If foreigners desire to advance their careers, Singapore is the finest place to work. If you do it well, it’s also a fantastic way to build cash for your future requirements.

Singapore is a very safe place. Petty crime is uncommon, and the streets are well-lit and safe, even at night. The time it takes for the police to arrive is less than ten minutes.

7. New Zealand

When it comes to the lives and experiences of foreigners in this small, remote country, it greatly exceeds its size.

New Zealand offers a superb work/life balance, tremendous business opportunities, strong finance and healthcare, and a high quality of life.

However, it isn’t the best place on earth if you’re looking to progress your profession or save a lot of money.

If you want to live a simple, healthy, and family-oriented life, New Zealand is the place to be. The rich-poor divide is substantially narrower in this country than in others.

8. France

Expats consider France to be one of the best nations to live in in terms of lifestyle, culture, work-life balance, and job stability.

French quality of life has made it a popular retirement destination for expats from all over the world.

Working in France will not make you richer, nor will it help you save for a comfortable retirement. It will also not make you more successful in the global job market.

For those who prioritize a happy home life with their children, France is a great option. This country does an excellent job of balancing work and personal life.

9. Dubai

No, Dubai is not a country; rather, it is a city hence an emirate of the United Arab Emirates.

Professional expats have long been drawn to Dubai. Dubai’s low income tax, excellent incomes, fantastic employment prospects, flashy lifestyle, and general flare for success may potentially lure you if you are competitive and ambitious.

Working in Dubai provides you with numerous options to increase your own wealth. Expats will find Dubai to be a very safe and welcoming city. However, Dubai is not a cheap city to live in.

10. Bahrain

The country ranks highly in terms of both expatriate income and family life. Bahrain is the top country on the planet for pay growth, according to expats.

Work-life balance, finances, childcare quality, and tolerance are all great. Bahrain is a safe, tolerant, and cosmopolitan country with a laid-back attitude.

It’s a welcoming country that welcomes foreign visitors. Bahrain is a Muslim country that is more liberal than its neighbors Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Work-Life Balance As Per Changed Objectives

In the last two years since the pandemic, the global working environment has evolved dramatically, and objectives have shifted.

While compensation, perks, and the work environment remain important to employees, they are now placing a higher emphasis on factors such as work-life balance or even working for organizations that share their values.

Here we have shared with you Top 10 Countries That Offer The Best Work-Life Balance in 2022. Now it’s your decision to pick the location which offers excellent work-life balance.

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