The whisper networks helping workers get jobs

12 5 whisper networks crisis 2

12 5 whisper networks crisis 2

Global – Today, there are a growing number of such private channels that allow professionals to communicate, solve problems and enhance their careers. Many of them are on Slack, and tech workers especially use the collaboration tool they use every day at work to build online communities. Employees in these networks can increase their chances of landing the next position by forming connections that can potentially expedite their application, rather than through a more traditional recruitment process or platform.

The benefits for these workers seem clear. But access to closed groups and their job opportunities are ultimately determined by those who control them. As the role of technology in hiring grows and the demand for employees in certain sectors continues to grow, these private networks should become a more entrenched component of the labor market in the future – with broader implications for the workforce as a whole.

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Hidden labor market

Networking and developing professional relationships have long been key components of a career. So, in a sense, private work networks are nothing new.

However, these may have stepped up in the wake of the hiring crisis, leading to a surge in the number of job openings that employees and hiring managers share on private networks. And with the current labor shortage, employers are desperate to hire and looking for any advantage they can.

The rise of remote work has also fueled the growth of membership-based online groups. Due to fewer opportunities for face-to-face communication, employees prefer to do it online. Those who work remotely have lost the opportunity to have colleagues at their workplace. As such, these communities are a super-powerful way to communicate seamlessly throughout the workday.

Workers who access these communities not only get a network they can use to connect with peers and share knowledge, but also a job search tool they can use as they see fit.

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