The 7 Major Challenges Faced By Delivery Boys & Girls Everyday

major challenges faced by delivery boys & girls everyday

major challenges faced by delivery boys & girls everyday

Last updated on September 27th, 2023 at 08:38 am

The home delivery facility has made our life so easy & convenient. Now you can order food, medicines, household items, clothes, accessories, and much more from the comfort of your home.

Even during the COVID pandemic, the delivery boys continued their services. But unfortunately, most of us do not value them or mistreat them.

But do you know what the significant challenges they face on a daily basis are? This article will inform you about The Challenging Lives of Delivery Boys or Girls.

Top 7 Challenges of Courier Boys & Girls

1) Hard & Fast Delivery

Most delivery companies impose the pressure of the fastest delivery on their delivery staff. If they do not reach on time, then their salary is deducted.

To accomplish this, they have to do ‘rash driving’ to reach their destination asap. They also have to break traffic rules. This causes a high risk to their lives as well as other travelers on the road.

2) Disrespect or Misbehaves

We already know this; most of us do not behave with them nicely. We treat courier boys like our household servants.

Many of us also scold them if they arrive late, no matter how the weather is or how much traffic is outside.

3) Continuous Driving

The delivery boys who used to do this job full-time have to drive continuously. This makes them tired & exhausted.

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4) Finding Addresses

Every time they have to find proper addresses. We all know that online maps can’t show the exact address. Thus they have to struggle to find locations most of the time.

5) Refueling At Own Cost

You might be unaware of this, but it’s true. They have to fill their vehicle tank all out of their own pocket.

They have to manage fuel costs with their own commissions. No matter how much petrol costs at that time or how far away their location is.

6) Never-ending Awaiting

How angry do we get when we have to wait for a ticket line or queues in banks etc. Think how they would feel after all-day waiting.

First, they have to wait on the roadside for new orders and then stay outside the restaurants or stores to collect the package.

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7) Carrying Heavy Packages

The bags are generally carried on the shoulders of delivery boys while riding their motorcycles.

Carrying such heavy packages for lengthy periods puts a massive strain on their neck, spinal cord, and shoulder muscles, causing pain and stiffness.

Aside from that, they also climb higher floors through stairs while carrying heavy backpacks in many buildings.

What Changes Are Required To Fix The Challenges Of Delivery Guys?

The delivery companies should improve. Such companies don’t have rights to play with the lives of delivery guys by imposing the tremendous pressure of fastest delivery.

So next time when a courier guy visits you to deliver something, please mind your manners. They aren’t your servants but independent working humans. They deserve some respect too!

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