Labour Ministry Clarifies Employment Rules for Asylum Seekers

labour ministry clarifies employment rules for asylum seekers

labour ministry clarifies employment rules for asylum seekers

Last updated on January 18th, 2024 at 04:43 am

The Labor Ministry has talked about worries concerning asylum seekers’ jobs, explaining how it works. Also  when they can start working. Right now, asylum seekers have to wait nine months from when they apply before they can get a job. Even though this makes things  complicated.  asylum seekers are still  very important for businesses to get the work done.

Employers have had some problems, like getting fined, because the status of asylum seekers can change without them knowing.

Seeking clarity, employers’ organizations pressed the Ministry of Labor for guidance. Andreas Zachariades, the General Director of the Ministry of Labor, responded with a letter to business leaders.

Zachariades highlighted that even if an asylum seeker’s application is rejected, they retain the right to work if they appeal to the Administrative Court. The right to employment is maintained until a rejection decision is issued by the Administrative Court. However, choosing to appeal to the Supreme Court results in a loss of employment status.

The letter shows  that the Legislation on Refugees faces various scenarios. All cases needed based on its specific characteristics. Businesses can anticipate updates through the ERGANI system, which aims to inform employers about the status of their employed international protection applicants.

Zachariades assured that the Ministry of Labor is working closely with the Ministry of Interior. The Ministry of Labor is working together with businesses to share information about the status of international protection applicants through the ERGANI system. They are planning to provide more detailed information very soon 

To solve this , the Ministry of Labor is trying to find a balance.they are trying to figure out  between what businesses need and the rules about employing asylum seekers. They are working really hard and closely with employers to make this  process easy and clear also they want to  keep everyone well-informed. the Labour Ministry is trying to make things clearer about when asylum seekers can start working, which is after a nine-month wait. Even though this might make things a bit more complicated.

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