Victimized Migrant Workers Seek Justice with RM2.21 Million Claim for Unpaid Wages

victimized migrant workers seek justice with rm2 21 million claim for unpaid wages

victimized migrant workers seek justice with rm2 21 million claim for unpaid wages

In a Significant development, 751 Bangladeshi migrant workers, who fell victim to a job scam in Pengerang, Johor, have collectively lodged a RM2.21 million Claim for unpaid Wages against their Deceitful Employers. The Workers were enticed to Pengerang for non-existent jobs and, now facing financial constraints, filed their claim at the Pengerang district labor office where their case is scheduled to be heard on February 5.

Human Resources Minister Steven Sim expressed Strong disapproval of the employers who failed to Remunerate the Workers, emphasizing that this Misconduct warrants Serious Consequences. Sim stated During a press Conference in Putrajaya Employers who don’t Pay their Workers by Claiming there is no Work to be Done. For us,this is a big mistake. They Deserve to be Paid.

Following the fraudulent job Promises 171 of the affected Workers were Detained by the Police in Pengerang last month after Participating in a march to file a Police Report. Sim revealed that these Workers have since been Released although Specifics about their Status were not Provided.

The Johor labor department has initiated 13 investigations into the five employers linked to this case. The Deputy Public Prosecutor is set to Review the investigation Papers indicating a Commitment to holding the Perpetrators accountable under Relevant laws, including those against human Trafficking.

Both Human Resources Minister Steven Sim and Home Minister Saifuddin Nasution Ismail affirmed their ministries’ Commitment to addressing foreign Worker exploitation Seriously. They Outlined Severe Penalties for the Employers involved including Blacklisting them from Applying for new Foreign Workers Canceling existing migrant Worker Quotas and approval Letters and Preventing the renewal of Work Permits for Current Foreign Workers.

During the press conference, Sim underscored Malaysia’s Clear Stance on Foreign Workers, Emphasizing that they are meant to Support Malaysian Businesses not to be Treated as Businesses themselves. The Ministries have agreed on new Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to Ensure immediate action against employers found Guilty of any Wrongdoing against their Workers.

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