Is a 4-day work week okay for India? Here’s what experts have to say

will a 4 day work week be successful in india

will a 4 day work week be successful in india

The concept of a four-day workweek is innovative. In India, however, where many enterprises have not yet adopted the 5-day workweek, a 4-day workweek seems like a faraway fantasy. Even while it may provide implementation issues, if done correctly it may result in several good benefits. 59% of the Indian workforce, according to a poll done in 2021, is unhappy at work and has a bad work-life balance.

Director of Career Success Solutions at LaunchMyCareer, Sushma Sharma, stated that job happiness is a mix of psychological and workplace-specific elements. If implemented properly, a four-day workweek may result in several good benefits, such as increased workplace diversity, improved work-life balance, increased employee satisfaction and retention.

On the other hand, it may disrupt momentum and have an effect on high-priority projects. She stated that this type of arrangement might not succeed in other businesses.

A strong work-life balance can also assist professionals to have a more positive outlook on their professions by allowing them to return rested. “A shortened work week may make employees happy. Employers should take heed since pleased workers are more likely to refer the firm to others, which may assist in talent acquisition efforts,” said Nakul Mathur, MD, Avanta India.

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When employees work fewer days per week, companies’ productivity can increase. According to Ridhima Kansal, Director of Rosemoore, a four-day working week can save businesses money by decreasing operational and other expenditures.

Sahil Arya, co-founder and director of Fat Tiger, believes that Indian companies will not be early adopters of a four-day work week, even though it is still in the exploratory phase globally. Instead, they will observe how it affects businesses that participated in the international trial and other early adopters worldwide.

“Customers may believe they do not have sufficient access to the company because employees are only in the office for four days, preventing them from resolving issues. Businesses can resolve customer complaints without the involvement of a human by using artificial intelligence technologies such as virtual assistants, etc,” said Raghunandan Saraf, Founder and CEO, Saraf Furniture.

There is a potential that after the introduction of new laws, employees in India would be able to enjoy a four-day workweek as compared to the existing five-day workweek. However, employees are still required to complete 48 hours of labor each week, or 12 hours per day in this circumstance.

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