Human Rights Organizations appeal to Biden Administration to be more inclusive about Immigrants in United States(US)


United states’ Human Rights Group write to U.S higher officials to support immigrants

United StatesUnited States– 57 civil and human rights organizations write to higher organizations to reconsider and prioritize a pathway for citizenship and immigrants in the budget reconciliation bill.

These people who come to United States as children and then live their lives here become deeply rooted immigrants. They may have Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), or there are people who fly away during crisis; they come under Temporary Protected Status (TPS). The economy for such people keep going on during the COVID-19 pandemic by serving as essential workers.

The immigration registry which was created under the Registry Act of 1929, also created a process for immigrants to apply for a green card. Those who currently qualify for the registry must have maintained continuous presence in the US and should bear a good moral character.

This is seen as a critical and crucial moment to reset US global leadership. Countries around the world are continuing to grapple with how to address the movement of people within and across their borders due to climate change, poverty, inequality, conflict and other crises.

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Currently, United States and their government are setting a wrong example by failing to lead. Inside the country, it has relegated millions of undocumented people, disproportionately people of color, to a permanent underclass, trapping them in a lifetime of systematic disadvantage and vulnerability to discrimination and exploitation. It is not only restricted to here but rather thousands of people, including Black migrants and asylum-seekers are suffering rights violations too due to expulsion policy and failure in conducting an unbiased investigation.

Take a look at the tweet from Human Rights Watch,

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