Human rights groups stresses IOC to rethink over the decision of hosting 2022 Winter Olympics in China

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The 2022 Winter Olympics is going to be hosted in Beijing, however, there are now protest calls to shift the games due to the alleged human rights violation in the nation.

Last updated on September 20th, 2023 at 11:35 am

The 2022 Winter Olympics is going to be hosted in Beijing, however, there are now protest calls to shift the games due to the alleged human rights violation in the nation. In a letter, the human rights alliance urged the IOC to think over the decision of granting Beijing the honor of facilitating the Winter Olympic.” 

After European cities, for example, Stockholm and Oslo lost out, the IOC has left with just two bidders for 2022, and Beijing succeeded by four votes. China is going to host the 2022 Asian Games in Hangzhou, which includes a large number of athletes than the Summer Olympics, The Fox News reported.

As per the Fox News reports, the letter by human rights groups additionally noticed that since the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the nation has kept a great many Uighur Muslims in its western Xinjiang territory and created “an Orwellian surveillance organization” in Tibet. 

China has over and again denied the human rights violation that the camps for Uighurs didn’t exist, and stated they were training centers for fighting terrorism. 

Chinese FM representative Zhao Lijian blamed the human rights groups for attempting to politicize sports, which he stated is against the core spirit of the Olympic Charter. 

In Aug, UK’s Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab censured Beijing for “gross and hostile” human rights breach against the Uyghur community in China’s locale of Xinjiang. China’s ambassador to the UK Liu Xiaoming straightly denied the claims, the Guardian detailed. 

As per the BBC, in drone film, Uighur prisoners were seen taken blindfolded on trains, which has been verified by the Australian security officials. Liu Xiaoming stated, according to him, numerous countries move detainees from one place to another, and he had no clue about what the video was showcasing. 

However, as per the US State Department, the recorded human rights violations include coercive constrained work, population control methods, detention in camps, torment, physical and sexual violation, and suppression of social and religious expressions. 

The Associated Press also reported human rights violations in Xinjiang and alluded to criticisms from the IOC. The IOC is feeling the squeeze to reexamine a choice they made and also think over the rules that prevents political rallies on the medal stage at the Olympics.

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