China’s envoy to the UK Denies claims of Human Rights Violation of Uighur Muslims

Britain’s Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab has blamed Beijing for “gross and offensive” human rights violations against its Uyghur people in China’s region of Xinjiang. China’s envoy to the UK Liu Xiaoming straightly denied claims human rights violations by Beijing.

On Sunday, Liu Xiaoming insisted that the Uighur people live peacefully and in concurrence with other ethnic groups when he saw the footage of shackled prisoners taken on to trains in Xinjiang. 

According to the BBC, in drone footage, Uighur people are seen taken blindfolded on trains, and which has been authenticated by Australian security administrations. Liu Xiaoming said, “he didn’t have the foggiest idea” what the video was showcasing, and “as per him, many nations sometimes transfer prisoners from one place to another,” the BBC detailed. He maintained that there are no such concentration sites in Xinjiang. 

The BBC revealed that it is believed that around a million Uighur individuals have been kept in detention in recent years in what the Chinese state characterizes as ‘re-education camps’.

Recently, under the new Global Human Rights Regime, the United Kingdom took action upon the senior generals in Myanmar and sanctioned them for violence against the Rohingya people and North Korean organizations for forced labor. 

Dominic Raab stated that this indicates that the UK was prepared to take a unilateral decision through organizations like the UN via the new Global Human Rights Regime. However, it was “not as easy as deciding you can sanction Y or Z”. 

History and records of China’s human rights violations in Xinjiang have incited developing worldwide criticism. Recently, the United States also imposed more sanctions on Chinese authorities for mistreating Uighurs and other ethnic groups, The Guardian stated.

Article CreditThe BBC/ The Guardian/ Eurasian Times

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