How ‘balance’ in work-life differs from person to person?

Close-up Of A Businesswoman's Hand Covering Balance Between Life And Work

people have been concerned about work-life balance

For years now, people have been concerned about work-life balance in a person’s life or their life and rightfully so but the question is does balance, in between your work and life, mean the same as it does in someone else’s life?

It is impossible to give a general idea that this should be the ratio of your work and life. How you balance between both of these aspects actually depends on what you prioritize more. For someone who has just started with their business, work will be their world and no matter how hard we try to put it cross, work will be the king here. If you compare this situation to somebody who has been a loyal employee for the longest time now and still doesn’t give themself the time they require then probably all the help regarding how to strike the perfect work-life balance can be given to them.

Also, it all comes down to what one wants to do. Work is work. Life is life. But what if someone is so passionate about their work that it becomes their life. You can be passionate about your life and you can be passionate about your work and it should just come naturally, without anyone telling you to do something even if you are unhappy about it.

Essentially the concept of work-life balance applies when X wants to spend some time on herself and with her family but is unable to do so because of her work. In this case, she should figure out that line that helps her seperate the two. So anyone suggesting you strike a perfect work-life balance should instead ask what exactly are you striving for?

How much ever important this subject is, but we all are conceiving it wrong. The goal of the person involved is the most important thing. When the goal is kept in view then only one can analyse how they chose to prioritize their decisions. Work can also make people happy. So any random suggestion about a 50:50 ratio will not really work because even if you have all the time in the world with your family and yourself but you are not happy then the whole purpose of work-life balance will fail. So before going for it think about what you really need and then go ahead with it.

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