China is forcing birth control in an attempt to suppress the Uyghurs population – An assassination of Human Rights

China in an attempt to suppress Uighurs population

Chinese state is already facing criticism for keeping Uighurs in detention camps in poor living conditions

In an extreme case of human rights violation, the Chinese government is suppressing Uyghurs population by forcing the women into birth control measures. China is not backing down from taking draconian measures to keep a curb on birth rate among Uyghurs for sweeping the Muslim minority group.

New research shows that China is reportedly forcing women of Uyghurs community to be sterilized or get contraceptive devices fitted. The Chinese scholar Adrian Zenz released the report which is prompting international organizations and the United Nations to intervene.

Chinese state is already facing criticism for keeping Uyghurs in detention camps in poor living conditions, say Human rights experts. There are approximately more than one million Uyghur Muslims in these detention camps which the authorities call as “re-education camps”. Many people from other minority groups are also detained in these camps.

China has repeatedly defended the operations of these camps in Xinjiang area as a measure to curb violence and terrorism in the country. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has condemned these camps asking the Chinese government to “immediately end these horrific practices.”

The report by research scholar Adrian Zenz is based on official data, policy documents and his interviews with women belonging to ethnic minority group in Xinjiang area in China. The report says that Uyghur women are being threatened to get abortions if they exceed the birth quota or they would be sent to detention camps. Moreover, the women who have less than legally permitted 2 children are being forcibly fitted with contraceptive devices (Intra uterine devices or IUDs). Other women are being forced into getting sterilization surgeries.

The report says, “Since a sweeping crackdown starting in late 2016 transformed Xinjiang into a draconian police state, witness accounts of intrusive state interference into reproductive autonomy have become ubiquitous.”

Report analysis clearly indicates a sharp decline in natural population growth in Xinjiang in recent years quite dramatically. Growth rates have skid down by 84% in two major Uighur areas between 2015 and 2018, and continues to decline.

These scripted violations into human rights of ethnic minority groups in China has attracted attention of UN and other countries. Human rights activists worldwide are calling for an action into the ruthless activity being practiced in Chinese land against Uyghurs.

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