Global community at a crossroads: Key highlights from Global Peace Index 2024

Global community at a crossroads: Key highlights from Global Peace Index 2024

Global community at a crossroads: Key highlights from Global Peace Index 2024

Tuesday saw the release of the Global Peace Index 2024 by the Institute of Economics & Peace (IEP) revealing a worrying fact about the globe standing at a crossroads as there is a huge surge in the number of conflicts across nations. 

The key results of the GPI note that 97 countries deteriorated in the rankings in Peacefulness more than that of any year recorded till now since its inception in 2008. 162,000 people lost their lives in the ongoing conflicts in Gaza and Ukraine. 

Global economic impact of violence and refugees

The global economic impact of violence increased to $19.1 Trillion, representing 13.5% of the global GDP. Exposure to wars and conflicts increases the chances of economic slowdown and recession in the countries where the wars are waging and also a weak political system increasing the instability in the region and the whole world for that matter.

110 million people are now either refugees or being internally displaced due to violent conflict with 16 million hosting more than half a million refugees. Militarisation recorded its yearly deterioration since the inception of the GPI with 108 more nations becoming militarised. 

Gaza and Ukraine Conflict

2023 recorded the 2nd highest death toll in the last 30 years with the Ukraine war making more than half of it at 83000 deaths while Palestine recorded 33000 deaths up to April 2024. In the first four months of 2024, conflict-related deaths amounted to 47000 globally. If the same rates continue throughout the year, it would be equal to the Rwandan Genocide that took place in 1994.

Most Peaceful and Violent Nations

Iceland holds the topmost position in the most peaceful nations list followed by Ireland, Austria and New Zealand and Singapore making the top 5. On the contrary, Yemen has replaced Afghanistan as the most violent nation in the world followed by Sudan, South Sudan, Afghanistan, and Ukraine.

The Middle East and North Africa region remains the least peaceful region. It is home to four of the 10 most conflict-stricken countries in the globe consisting of Sudan and Yemen.

IEP Founder’s Statement and other facts

The founder and Executive Chairman of IEP, Steve Killelea said in a statement, “Over the past years, peacefulness has declined in 9 out of 10 years. We are witnessing a record increase in the number of conflicts, rise in militarisation, increase in refugees due to wars and related problems.”

Although most peacefulness indicators deteriorated over the past 18 years there was an improvement in the homicide rates which decreased in 112 countries, while criminal acts dipped in 96 countries. 

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