Majority of Indian Employees Struggling Emotionally and Financially: Gallup 2024 Report

The corruption, scarce resources, as well as poor work culture

The corruption, scarce resources, as well as poor work culture

In a recent report by the research organization Gallup, certain alarming factors that pertain to the well-being of employees in India have been highlighted. The corruption, scarce resources, as well as poor work culture, was evidenced by a Gallup 2024 State of the Global Workplace that revealed only fourteen percent of Indian employees reported that they were thriving in life. This indicates that a whopping 86 percent of the self-rated stated that they are struggling or suffering in terms of well-being.

The Life Evaluation Index is one of the dimensions of the WHO 5 well-being index Understanding life expectancy.

The report uses a metric called the Life Evaluation Index to categorize people into three groups: The organization was producing, weak, or declining. People with a score of seven and above on the ten-point scale of the current life situation qualify for the “thriving” category “Chronic stress, financial difficulties, and a negative outlook about the present and future characteristic people in the ‘struggling’ category ‘Those in the ‘suffering’ category have no means of support; their feelings are mostly dismal, and health is bad.

A Regional Trend

It is thus not a surprise that the percentage of thriving employees in India is still low in comparison to other regions and it is in the same trend with South Asia. For the overall Wellbeing Index, the regional average of 15 % was markedly lower as compared to the global mark of 34 %. The promising employees’ satisfaction rate was the highest in Nepal standing at 22% followed by India at 14%.

Emotional Wellbeing in India

The report also explored the celebratory, hassling, and mixed-bowl emotions of employees in India daily. That’s why the survey established that while 35% of respondents from India expressed daily anger, it was higher than South Asia counterparts. Despite a high level of health concern, India had the least number of people complaining of stress with only 32 % against 62% in Sri Lanka and 58% in Afghanistan stressing themselves daily.

When it comes to employee engagement in India, although the overall well-being of people does not appear to be so rosy, there is indeed a growing trend. The latter in turn, demonstrated high employee engagement at 32%, a figure far beyond the global average of 23%. This effectively means that whilst Indian workers may well be being negatively affected in terms of their wellness, they nonetheless remain optimistically aligned with their job responsibilities.

Addressing the Issue

The Gallup 2024 State of the Global Workplace is an evidence-based research study that should compel Indian employers and policymakers to start taking some tangible measures to overly look at the interests of the employees. It could include efforts such as offering improved opportunities for self-care, seeking to enhance individuals’ ways of handling money, and cultivating openness and fairness in workplaces.

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