Is Russia forcing African migrants and students to fight in Ukraine?

The world should be a peaceful place so that citizens of every country can lead a worthy lifestyle

The world should be a peaceful place so that citizens of every country can lead a worthy lifestyle

The world should be a peaceful place so that citizens of every country can lead a worthy lifestyle, but due to many issues, conflict between the countries arises, which escalates a full-fledged war between the countries. Such wars have destroyed thousands of lives not only of the citizens of the country but also of other people who are living in these countries for various purposes. As per the reports of Bloomberg, Russia is forcing many African students and migrants to join them to fight war against Ukraine. According to the report, African students and migrants are being threatened by the Russian officials that their visas will not be renewed if they do not join the Russian armed forces.

African Migrants and Students Forced to Join Russian Armed Forces

Russian officials are threatening migrants and students from Africa to join the Russian Armed Forces; if they do not do so, their visas will not be renewed. One European told Bloomberg that several African workers are being warned that if they do not fight against Ukraine, then they will be sent back to their countries. Many people are giving bribes to the Russian officials to save themselves and not go to war to fight against Ukraine.

Reliance of Russia on attrition warfare has led the country to keep using prisoners for its war efforts. Vsevolod Vukolov, Russia’s deputy justice minister, has said that the number of prisoners in Russia has dropped to 266,000 as per the Washington Post. However, using the migrant population could add more strain to the economy of Russia. Russia is already suffering from the serious problem of labour shortages.

Russia is recruiting convicts too, as it faces serious shortages.

Russia is witnessing a serious problem of shortages in the number of labourers in the country. The labour shortage in Russia is so serious that the country is again practising the Soviet-era strategy of using prison labour to support struggling industries. A shortage of labourers means that in Russia, the private sector is getting stronger and is increasing compensation to attract the workforce.

According to the Times, around 10% of the prison’s 400 prisoners joined the Russian military last year. The prisoners are offered one-year contracts to work as frontline radio operators, combat medics, and snipers. Recruiting prisoners in the military is not a new strategy for Russia. Back in December 2022, the US Department of Defence, a Russian mercenary organisation, Wagner Group, enforced around 40,000 prisoners serving on the front lines. Not only this, but Russia is also sending its female convicts to fight the war against Ukraine. As per the Russian Academy of Science’s Institute of Economics, the Russian economy is facing a shortage of around 5 million workers. In Russia, the unemployment rate is 3%, and even in some regions it is lower.

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