Elon Musk Quotes Scarlett Johansson-OpenAI Dispute To Raise Concerns Over ChatGPT Integration In iOS18

Elon Musk Over ChatGPT Integration In iOS18

Elon Musk Over ChatGPT Integration In iOS18

Apple has finally unveiled the company’s plans for artificial intelligence, which will involve ChatGPT and OpenAI. But not everyone is happy with his new revelation. Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, through his social media account X, has said, “If Apple is planning to integrate OpenAI at the OS level, then I will ban the use of Apple devices at my companies.” He also added, “This security violation is unacceptable.”.

An update on the dispute between Scarlet Johansson and OpenAI

OpenAI in May launched a new voice assistant to enhance the power of ChatGPT with human-like voices. Sky, which is one of the voices of ChatGPT, sounds similar to the voice of the actress Scarlet Johnasson. Previously, Scarlett Johansson was given an offer to become the voice of the chatbot, but the actress declined the offer. A House Committee that is responsible for privacy and technology wants the actress to give her testimony about the allegations that the voice of ChatGPT4.0 sounds similar to the voice of the actress. In a letter released by the chair of the House oversight subcommittee on cybersecurity, Rep. Nancy Mace invited Scarlet Johnasson to testify before the panel. This hearing will focus on the broader issues related to uses and abuses of deepfake technology.

The letter from Nancy Mace has finalised the gearing for 9 July, but the actress will not be available on that day and is likely to be available in October.

Background check on Scarlett Johansson’s 2013 film ‘Her’, actress receiving an offer from OpenAI CEO to voice his ‘Sky’ chatbot

Scarlett Johansson is a popular American actress and singer known for her blockbuster movies. One of her famous movies includes Her, which was released in 2013. The movie is directed and written by Spike Jonze. The movie surrounds the life of a man called Theodore and highlights his love story with an operating system called Samantha. In this movie, Scarlett Johansson voices an operating system named Samantha.

Sacrlett Johansson revealed that she received an offer from CEO of OpenAI Sam Altman to give her voice for his ChatGPT 4.0 system. The actress declined the offer after much consideration, but after some months she observed that the voice of chatbot ‘Sky’ sounds similar to her voice. OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, in his statement, said that the voice of Sky is not of Scarlett Johansson, and the voice was never intended to be her voice.

Rapidly developing AI amid concerns over privacy, misinformation, and intellectual property rights; abuses of deepfake technology

Artificial intelligence is taking over the world. People all around the world are very amazed by various things an AI can do. Technological advancements and data availability are two of the major reasons for the growth of AI. But with so many advantages, AI also poses a threat to an individual’s privacy and also leads to misinformation.

In order to function, AI needs to get access to personal data, which can sometimes lead to privacy violations, including identity theft. Deepfakes is one of the major setbacks of AI. This deepfake technology leads to misinformation, to defame people, and also leads to blackmailing. It is very difficult to find the difference between what is real and what is fake. Artificial intelligence also infringes on the intellectual property rights of an individual or an organisation. If a company is using AI to generate content for its marketing strategy, the company should be aware that AI uses various things that belong to different individuals, like copyright images and trademarks. 

Elon Musk quoting the dispute to highlight ChatGPT integration in iOS 18. He could ban Apple devices at his companies over this.

After Apple revealed its plan to integrate AI in its upcoming iOS 18, Elon Musk flooded his ‘X’ account with memes and posts hinting to highlight how the chatbot of OpenAI can be spyware.Musk even quoted the dispute of OpenAI with actress Scarlett Johansson to signify how OpenAI uses private data to train their chatbots and later label it as personalisation. Musk said, “It’s ridiculous that Apple is not intelligent enough to create their own AI, yet it is capable of promising that OpenAI will protect your security and privacy. Apple is clueless what’s going on once they hand over your data to OpenAI.” Elon Musk has also stated that if OpenAI is integrated with the iPhone’s OS, Apple devices will no longer be allowed in his company. Elon Musk said, “Don’t want it. Either stop this spyware or I will ban all Apple devices in my company.”.

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