Crisis in Ain el-Helweh: Palestinian Refugee Children’s Education at Risk

crisis in ain el helweh palestinian refugee children's education at risk

crisis in ain el helweh palestinian refugee children’s education at risk

A grave crisis is developing atel-Helwehelweh, the largest Palestinian  exile camp in Lebanon,  compromising thousands of children’s education and well- being. At least 30 people have died, hundreds have been hurt, and thousands have been  vacated as a result of the camp, which is home to over 50,000 Palestinian deportees. 

The  tried murder of Mohammed al- Armoushi, a military officer of the Palestinian association Fatah, and the subsequent  prosecution of Mahmoud Khalil, a member of the Islamist militant group al- Shabab al- Muslim, on July 31 set off the bloodshed.

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East( UNRWA) claimed that the violent skirmishes, which were intermittent but fierce, had caused” significant and  wide damage” to Ain el- Helweh’s homes and infrastructure.  The effects of this  extremity on education are among its most concerning features. 

All eight of the eight schools in the UNRWA-run camp have been taken by armed groups since August 19. These factions have not only interfered with the educational process but have also pillaged educational supplies. 

Just days before the  launch of the new school year, this occupation has put the lives of  nearly 11,000 Palestinian refugee children in  peril.  also, more than 4,000  individualities have had to leave their houses due to the violence. Three UNRWA schools and a training  installation outside the camp have seen a large influx of people looking for shelter. The children are  unfit to resume their education because of the ongoing violence, which poses a  trouble to their capability to return to their former residences. 

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A shaky ceasefire has been in effect since September 14, but a new conflict is yet possible. Al-Armoushi’s killers must turn themselves into Lebanese authorities by the end of September, according to a demand made by Fatah. According to UNRWA, there has already been “massive destruction across most of the camp” as a result of the conflict.

Conflict never should be an excuse to compromise on education. The well-being and education of the youngsters of Ain el-Helweh must be given top priority by all parties. The Safe Schools Declaration should be put into practice now that Lebanon and Palestine have endorsed it to safeguard education. The Guidelines for Protecting Schools and Universities from Military Use must also be followed by armed groups.

Foreign donor states are asked to back UNRWA’s appeal for money to help camp residents and maintain an appropriate core budget for its schools. Without prompt intervention, the education of these defenseless kids is in jeopardy, jeopardizing their futures and reviving the cycle of poverty and discontent.

We must work together right away to safeguard the rights of the children of Ain el-Helweh to education and protection, giving them hope for a better future despite the chaos.

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